HPN B(10) Review

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HPN B(10)



B(10) is a BCAA and L-Carnitine supplement from High Performance Nutrition (HPN). The supplement promises to be a natural, vegan-friendly source of amino acids. These are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (in a 2:1:1 ratio) and L-Carnitine an amino acid that is very useful for vegans who may be deficient due to the lack of meat and dairy in their diet.



HPN B(10) Label


The main ingredient list for B(10) is a short one, there are 5g of BCAAs that are derived from fermented vegetables. 2.5g of this is made up of Leucine, while there are 1.25g of Isoleucine, and 1.25g of Valine. The supplement also contains 1.2g of L-Carnitine.


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Bottom Line: If you are looking for a high-quality BCAA supplement that also contains the amino acid L-Carnitine then HPN B(10) is a great supplement. It is particularly effective for vegetarians or vegans who would have a low amount of Leucine and L-Carnitine in their systems due to the lack of animal products in their diets. The dosages for each ingredient are sufficient, and the product has an admirable approach to keeping things simple.




Taste & Mixability: As this is a brand new product it is impossible to say how good the flavor is going to be, however based on the good reputation HPN has for quality tasting products we can at least predict that it should be excellent. The flavor available is Green Apple Candy. If B(10) mixes as well as their P(3) Pre-Workout Drink, then you should be very happy.


Effectiveness: Based on the ingredients, and the dosage it is easy to see that this will supplement will help gym goers who require more energy in a workout, or want to make maximum muscle gains. Vegetarian and vegan lifters (who this product seems to be designed for) will probably get the most out of it.




You can expect to pay $34.99 for 1 tub (30 servings) and we will, of course, be the first place to let you know when there are better offers available! As always, the best way to find the best price on HPN B(10) is to compare prices on Fitness Deal News and sign up for the hot deal alerts!




Though we’ve covered a LOT of BCAA supplements in the past, and we’ve also looked at the best intra-workouts . There aren’t a lot of vegan BCAA products out there. If you are a vegan then you need this supplement in your life.  


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