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Helios Pre Workout Review

Helios pre workout is a pre workout supplement from DNM Nutra. You probably never heard of this brand but by the end of the review, you will wish you did.

In this Helios Pre Workout Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

Helios Pre Workout

Where can I buy Helios Pre Workout?

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ALERT: Major Head Buzz ⚠️ HELIOS Pre Workout Review [DNM Nutra]

What is in Helios Pre-Workout?

Helios has a pretty loaded label of hardcore ingredients. Including DMHA, Yohimbine HCL, and others.

There are 30 servings in this pre workout which is unheard of nowadays. Making it great value for money.

Helios Pre Workout Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) – The stimulant we have all grown to know and love. Caffeine provides the energy boost in Helios.
  • DMHA (250mg) DMHA is there for mood elevation and focus. 250mg is slightly above the typical dose.
  • Beta Alanine (3.2g) Beta Alanine is an ingredient I love. This provides the tingling that gives you that buzz throughout your body. Lasts for a while.
  • L-Citrulline (2g) provides the pumps n a pre workout. Helios is decent in this category, nothing too crazy.
  • L-Tyrosine (250mg) – L-Tyrosine is a focus ingredient. It is going to work with the many others to provide a dialed-in experience.
  • Octopamine HCL (100mg) Paired with Caffeine Anhydrous, Octopamine is going to raise the energy levels through the roof. Adds to the sense of urgency mentioned earlier.
  • Theobromine HCL (100mg) acts as a weight loss aid as well as an endurance booster.
  • Yohimbine HCL (3mg)  an “intensifier” in pre workouts. 3mg is generally on the higher side, but in Helios it won’t kill you
  • Huperzine (200mcg) Lastly, we have another focus ingredient that is always good to have. 200mcg is pretty much the typical dose.

My Experience with Helios Pre Workout

As we usually do, let’s start off with flavor. I tried the Blue Razz and it was actually good. I’m assuming the others are nice as well.

As for the experience, this is an amazing pre workout. Helios is great on all aspects that you want from a stim junkie pre workout.

The most apparent effect was the intense buzz you get. This is not a burn-your-skin type buzz. But actually a “feel good” buzz that lasts even post workout.

Helios pre workout also has a good sense of urgency. The energy starts hitting about 10 minutes in. And lasts for 1 and a half to two hours.

On top of that the focus was great and the pumps were solid. Combining for a tunnel vision experience.

The best I would describe Helios, though, is a constant state of highness. Just the perfect amount of stimulation that quite literally makes you feel high.

Plus there are no side effects or crash which you usually get in a high-stim pre workout.

Overall, Helios is up there with M2, Arez Titanium, and even Zeus from God Status Labz. And at 30 servings you cannot go wrong.

DNM Nutra Helios is a must-buy in my opinion. So get it while it’s around!


  • Good Sense of Urgency
  • Crazy Buzz (Lasts Forever)
  • State of Highness
  • Solid Flavors
  • No Side Effects


  • Solid Pumps but not amazing


All things considered, Helios is a. beautiful pre workout. It hits on all cylinders.

This is a pre workout that if used on and off, can be extremely effective. You do not want its effects to wear off because you are using it too often.

At 30 servings, this is one of the best pre workouts money can buy at that value. I recommend getting it while supplies last.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Helios Pre Workout 20% OFF Limited Inventory!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in Helios Pre Workout?

There is 400mg of caffeine anhydrous in Helios. Which is a solid amount in our day and age.

Is Helios a good pre workout?

Helios is an amazing pre workout that hits the spot every time you need that extra boost.

Does Helios Pre Workout have DMAA?

Helios does not have DMAA, but it does contain DMHA. Which I like to call DMAA’s legal little brother.

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