Hades Fat Burner Review + Coupon Code 2022

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Hades Fat Burner Review

Hades from God Status Labz is a new fat burner that supposedly contains the infamously banned DMAA. After the release of Krak’n and Zeus Pre Workout, there was a very high expectation for Hades to complete the trifecta.

In this Hades Fat Burner Review, we will go over everything you need to know about the effects, dosage, and more. You don’t want to miss this one!

Hades Fat Burner

Where can I get Hades Fat Burner?

Closest thing to Hades right now is Vanquish Hardcore from MuscleForce.

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God Status Labz Hades Review on YouTube

Get ready to FLY (DMAA) 🚀 God Status Labz HADES Fat Burner Review

My Experience with God Status Labz Hades

First thing’s first, this is a euphoric fat burner. Its main purpose is to provide a mood elevation effect that will lighten up your day.

But, like all fat burners, it is still going to have those positive metabolic effects. Due to the high stimulants, there is a strong appetite suppression that is always good to see.

In addition, the energy with Hades is also top notch. The mix of DMAA and DMHA is often a magical one, and this fat burner is no exception.

Can’t forget about the focus either which is solid. Not really tunnel vision but will definitely do the job.

Overall, probably my favorite fat burner as of late. Really great value-for-money with real benefits.


  • Rare Mood Elevation
  • Good Focus
  • Great Appetite Suppression
  • Really Solid Energy


  • Not for the everyday user
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What is in Hades Fat Burner?

God Status Labz loaded a bunch of stimulants into Hades such as DMAA, DMAE, and DMHA. Ultimately creating an extremely strong fat burner that is a mood-elevating machine.

Key Ingredients Breakdown


The infamously banned ingredient, Hades has 60mg of DMAA which adds to the energy-filled experience.


Next we have DMAE which is a commonly used focus ingredient. Not too overwhelming in this particular fat burner.

Caffeine Anhydrous

We all know it, caffeine is the main ingredient for energy. At 400mg, this is n the higher end for fat burners which will have you buzzing.


Another focus ingredient that paired with DMAA is magical. Together, they create the aforementioned mood-elevation effects.


Known to improve mood, GABA is the last solid ingredient on label.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hades Fat Burner have DMAA?

Yes, Hades has 60 mg of DMAA which does wonders in this fat burner and brings back that original euphoric feel.

Does God Status Labz Hades have any side effects?

I personally did not encounter any side effects with Hades. A very clean, euphoric experience that is well worth the money.

Is Hades Fat Burner Illegal?

Although Hades does have DMAA, which is banned, the product itself is not illegal.

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