Gorilla Mode Nitric Review

blog-icon By FDN Posted on September 16, 2023

In the vast world of fitness supplements, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of products, each claiming unparalleled benefits. Amidst this cacophony, Gorilla Mode Nitric has managed to create quite a buzz. But does it truly stand out? I took it upon myself to delve deep into this product, testing it rigorously to bring you an unbiased, comprehensive review.

Gorilla Mode Nitric

First Impression

At first glance, Gorilla Mode Nitric makes a strong impression. Its robust packaging and the reputation of the Gorilla Mode brand set high expectations. With the backing of Derek from More Plates More Dates, a well-respected figure in the fitness community, I was eager to see if this product lived up to its reputation.

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Gorilla Mode Nitric Review ⛔ Where the HYPE Stops?!


Gorilla Mode Nitric boasts an impressive and extensive ingredient list. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • L-citrulline (10 grams): A renowned vasodilator, L-citrulline enhances blood flow, potentially improving nutrient delivery to muscles. While 10 grams is a generous dose, the benefits of L-citrulline tend to plateau after a certain point.
  • Creatine (5 grams): A staple in many fitness regimens, creatine aids in power output and muscle synthesis, although its direct impact on pumps is subtle.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (4 grams): This compound can assist with power output and has been linked to enhanced muscle pumps.
  • Glycer Pump (4 grams): Known for inducing a “swole” pump effect, Glycer Pump can amplify the feeling of muscle fullness, especially when paired with adequate hydration.
  • Malic Acid (3 grams): Often combined with citrulline to form citrulline malate, malic acid plays a role in energy production.
  • Agmatine (1.5 grams): This compound can boost nitric oxide production, further enhancing blood flow and pumps.
  • Nitrosigine (1.5 grams): Another nitric oxide enhancer, this ingredient can further intensify the pump experience.
  • Sodium Nitrate (1.5 grams): Nitrates are celebrated for their vasodilating properties, and I’ve personally found them to be effective in enhancing pumps.

While the label is undoubtedly loaded, it’s essential to understand that the real efficacy of a product is determined by its effects, not just its ingredient list.


I tried the fruit punch flavor of Gorilla Mode Nitric. While flavor is often a secondary concern with pre-workouts, this one was decent. It wasn’t the most memorable I’ve tasted, but it was far from off-putting. Ultimately, the brief moment of taste is overshadowed by the product’s performance.


Over the past month, my experience with Gorilla Mode Nitric has been consistently impressive. The pumps are genuinely intense. Muscles feel fuller, vascularity is more pronounced, and there’s a heightened sense of the mind-muscle connection. This makes workouts feel more effective and engaging. The sensation of being “swole” is palpable, and it’s hard not to feel a boost in confidence when experiencing such pronounced pumps.

When compared to other pump formulas I’ve tried, Gorilla Mode Nitric holds its own. It delivers on its promise of intense pumps and does so with a straightforward ingredient list. While it might be on the pricier side and require a larger serving size, the results justify the investment for those seeking that extra edge in their workouts.

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In conclusion, Gorilla Mode Nitric is a formidable contender in the pump formula market. While the serving size is substantial and the price might be higher than some alternatives, the results are undeniable. For those looking to enhance their workouts with intense pumps and an improved mind-muscle connection, Gorilla Mode Nitric is worth considering. It delivers on its promises, and in the world of fitness supplements, that’s a commendable feat.


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