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blog-icon By FDN Posted on July 31, 2023

The latest entry in the ever-growing pre-workout market is Exposed by the GOOB. This is a pre-workout supplement that has been creating quite a buzz. Here’s an in-depth review.

exposed pre workout review


For those unaware, ‘GOOB’ refers to an individual who is popular for exposing the truth about various fitness celebrities. His Instagram and presumably TikTok channels have gained immense popularity due to his sharp wit and keen observations. This pre-workout named “Exposed” is the first extension of his brand.

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Packaging and Design

At first glance, the design of the product is sleek. It’s not overly intricate, but it’s eye-catching. The minimalist approach seems to work in its favor, making it easy for users to identify the key ingredients.

Where to buy Exposed Pre Workout?

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Label and Ingredients

The pre-workout prides itself on having a simple, yet powerful label. A quick rundown:

  • Citrulline (6g): For pumps.
  • Beta Alanine (3.2g): Known for the tingling sensation it produces.
  • Glycerol (3g): For muscle fullness and pump.
  • Agmatine(1g): Another ingredient for pumps.
  • Caffeine (350mg): A common stimulant for energy.
  • 2-Amino (125mg): Otherwise known as DMHA, a central nervous system stimulant.
  • Bitter Orange (50mg): A natural stimulant.
  • Geranium Extract(50mg): Suggested to contain DMAA, a powerful stimulant.
  • Noopept (30mg): Known for cognitive benefits.

There’s been speculation about whether the geranium extract truly contains DMAA, a substance that’s become controversial. Regardless, the label suggests a strong stimulant experience paired with solid pumps.


The pre-workout comes in a ‘Watermelon Refresher’ flavor. While it’s palatable, it has a slight artificial aftertaste. But for those in the fitness community, flavor is often secondary to performance.

Performance and Experience

Here’s the breakdown of the experience post-consumption:

  • Tingling Sensation: The tingling, thanks to Beta Alanine, begins about 5 minutes in. It’s strong, lasting around 45 minutes.
  • Energy Surge: About 20 minutes post-consumption, there’s a clear and pronounced energy surge.
  • Mood Elevation: Shortly after the energy kicks in, there’s a noticeable mood uplift, a sense of euphoria. This, combined with the “bubble” feeling from Noopept, creates an “in the zone” feeling. This heightened state lasts for about an hour and a half.
  • Pumps: Remarkably good for a stim-heavy pre-workout. The pump ingredients clearly deliver on their promise.
  • Duration: Unlike some pre-workouts that linger for hours,  Exposed pre workout seems to peak at about 2 hours of heightened function and then gradually fades over the next hour
  • Side effects: None that I can think off. This is clearly not a beginner pre workout so as always, assess your tolerance!
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The Goob’s Exposed pre-workout offers a unique blend of stimulant-driven energy, mood elevation, and pump ingredients that work harmoniously to provide a heightened workout experience. It’s not just about the list of ingredients but the quality and how they come together.

For those looking for a pre-workout that gives both the stimulant kick and solid pumps without an endless buzz, this might be the one. It’s hard to “expose” any significant flaws in this product; it delivers on most fronts.

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