Excelsior Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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Excelsior Pre Workout Review

If you haven’t heard about Imperial Nutrition, you are not alone. This company has been hiding under a rock for a long time until rumors started surfacing in the last 6 months about the legendary Excelsior Pre Workout. Then you took a quick look at the label, and well, you probably weren’t very impressed. Neither was I. But just like we always do here on Fitness Deal News, we had to give it a shot.

In this Excelsior Pre Workout Review, I will tell you everything you need to know about the flavor, side effects, benefits, and more. Get ready!

Excelsior Pre Workout

Where can I buy Excelsior Pre Workout?

Closest thing to Excelsior right now is Arez Titanium Pre Workout.

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OH MY GOD 😮 Excelsior Pre Workout Review [Imperial Nutrition]

My Experience with Excelsior Pre-Workout

Available in only one flavor, this one is not the best. But it is drinkable. There’s an apparent chemical after taste, but if you are brave enough to take this pre-workout, you’ll be fine!

Let’s start with the ‘how much’ question. On one scoop (the tub is 30 servings) you will get a good buzz and get dialed in, but it will not blow your head off. On 2 scoops, Excelsior will make you fly.

The focus you get with this pre workout is one oof the best I have tried to date. Whatever is in this pre workout, will hit you like a train! The focus & feeling of the super powers it gives you are insane.

If you want to feel limitless and get dialed in to the point you just don’t want to leave the gym, you should give this one a try.

I will say though that for most of users, 2 scoops is going to be too much. My sweet spot was 1.75 servings and for most others 1.5 scoops will be perfect.


  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Energy for hours on hours
  • No Crash


  • Appetite Suppression
  • Proprietary Blend
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What is in Excelsior Pre Workout?

Excelsior Pre Workout is made up of several ingredients such as Caffeine, L-Citulline, and Betaine Anhydrous. All of these ingredients come together to make the proprietary blend that is Excelsior. Because this is a proprietary blend, we do not see the dosages of each ingredient. Either way, after taking Excelsior multiple times, I came to believe there is something in here that might not be on label…

Excelsior Pre Workout Ingredients

Excelsior Pre Workout Ingredients


The main purpose of L-Citrulline is to provide pumps during your workout. This aspect of Excelsior is pretty much non-existent, but still helps with speeding up the recovery process.


Trimethylglycine, more coommonly known as Betaine Anhydrous, is an overall performance enhancer. This is a pretty typical ingredient to see in a pre workout. Especially for one that is revolved around improving endurance and crazy energy.

Kigelia Africana Extract

Next we have Kigelia Africana Extract which is a euphoric ingredient in Excelsior Pre Workout. Unlike a lot of pre workouts nowadays, Excelsior puts you in a ‘happy’ zone.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The go-to ingredient for energy. Caffeine is going to make you feel like you’re ready for lift off after taking a scoop of this bad boy.


One of Excelsior’s fat burning elements, Octopamine is the reason many people a heavy appetite suppression after use. But if you are looking to burn fat simultaneously during your workouts, this is definitely a bonus.

Bitter Orange Extract

Another ingredient in the fat-burning matrix of Excelsior Pre Workout. Studies about Bitter Orange Extract have shown to accelerate metabolism and similar effects.

Hawthorn Extract

In contrast, this balances out the more powerful ingredients in Excelsior, Hawthorn Extract helps prevent any problems with blood pressure or other side effects like a huge crash.

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract

Lastly, BPE is there to boost your metabolism. Again, we come back to the fat burning perspective that Imperial Nutrition added. Although there are more fat-related ingredients than you would like to see, my personal experience was not too much of an issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Excelsior Pre Workout change?

Now, this is probably the most talked about topics with Excelsior. For years there has been controversy on whether Imperial Nutrition changed the formula. What I will say is, from my past experiences, with tubs expiring in 2021, 2022, and 2023, the Excelsior seemed the same. I personally didn’t feel any difference and neither did many people I know.

What are the side effects of Excelsior?

Most people have clean, cool encounters with Excelsior. But there are a few people that may go through a crash when taking Excelsior. Or possibly feel like it is too strong for them. Which is why I would only recommend Excelsior Pre Workout to experienced users.

Is Excelsior Pre Workout legal?

On label, Excelsior is completely legal. There are no banned substances like DMAA or anything in that realm. But like I like mentioned, it is hard for me to believe that there is not some “special” ingredient in Excelsior Pre Workout.

Final Verdict

Imperial Nutrition Excelsior Pre Workout Review

The Excelsior pre-workout is no joke. This one became one of my top ranked hardcore pre-workouts in 2020, and there's now a huge following. One word of caution here (beyond the fact I have no clue what is in it that makes it feel like this) is that some users get a serious mood crash post flying in the gym with this one. It seems to hit about 10% of the users (I didn't get anything like that). Overall, Excelsior is one of the best experiences your money can buy (and it is not cheap...) and if you are feeling adventurous you should give this one a try.

Closest thing to Excelsior right now is Arez Titanium Pre Workout.

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