Double Impact Pre Workout Review + Discount Code 2022

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Double Impact Pre Workout Review

Apollon Nutrition have already made a name for themselves with big pre workouts like Assassin and Hooligan. But now they have decided to combine the two in order to create what may be the strongest pre workout ever – Double Impact. This label has pretty much every stimulant in existence so if you are into the hard-hitting, skin-tearing experiences, stay tuned.

In this Double Impact review, we are going to be talking about everything from the experience, label, flavor, where to buy Double Impact, and more. Get ready!

Where can I get Double Impact Pre Workout?

Closest thing to Double Impact is Apollon Nutrition Assassin.

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Double Impact Review on YouTube

Hits like a Train BUT 🤯 DOUBLE IMPACT Pre-Workout REVIEW [Apollon]

My Experience with Apollon Nutrition Double Impact

I started with a full scoop of Double Impact and it did not disappoint.

The flavor I tried was ‘Blood of our Enemies’ which was nice compared to other Apollon Nutrition pre workouts like Assassin, which infamously tastes horrible. Either way, the flavor does not really matter in a hardcore pre workout like this, you are here for the experience.

Like Assassin Pre Workout, the focus and energy with Double Impact is second to none. The sense of urgency is extremely good so you have that constant feeling of motivation.

On top of that, the tingles and pumps are also very solid thanks to the extra dosages of L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine.

Double Impact still has those aggressive elements and enhanced focus of Assassin, providing that “locked in” effect where it is just you and yourself only in the gym. But it is also a bit euphoric at the same time.

If you are a hardcore stim junkie looking for your next favorite pre workout, Double Impact is definitely something you should look into getting.


  • Super Hard-Hitting
  • Laser Focus
  • Endless, Aggressive Energy


  • Not for the everyday user. Definitely categorized as a stim junkie pre workout.
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What is in Double Impact Pre Workout?

Because this is essentially Assassin and Hooligan Pre Workout combined, Double Impact has one of the longest, if not the longest, supplement facts panel of all time. Some of the most important stimulants are Alpha Yohimbine, Hordenine, Lion’s Mane, and the list goes on. Although a crazy label does not always mean great results, Apollon Nutrition has built one of strongest pre workouts ever with Double Impact.

Double Impact Pre Workout Label

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Hordenine (75 mg)

First ingredient we will break down is Hordenine. Rarely seen in pre workouts back in the day, but is now becoming more accepted. The 75 mg of Hordenine acts as an extreme energizer/fat-burning ingredient in Double Impact Pre Workout.

Alpha Yohimbine (2.5 mg)

One of the most loved stim junkie ingredients in a pre workout, Alpha Yohimbine is a great addition to the formula. 2.5 g of Alpha Yo can be too much for some users, but if you love that intense yet smooth feeling, you’ll love this pre workout.

Caffeine Anhydrous (450 mg)

Next ingredient on our list is Caffeine coming in at a hefty 450 mg. This is on the higher end of caffeine dosages in pre workouts and plays into the heavy energy kick from Double Impact Pre Workout.

Eria Jarensis Extract (300 mg)

At 300 mg, we have Eria Jarensis is which is becoming a very popular ingredient in pre workouts for mood elevation and a euphoric effect. This is no different in Double Impact. Although, I would say that in Double Impact this comes off more as motivational/aggressive instead of “happy” but still definitely has nice euphoria.

Lion’s Mane Extract (1 g)

Lion’s Mane is yet another, go figure, super strong stimulant in Double Impact Pre Workout that provides an overall intensity boost and oftentimes helps with preventing fatigue. At 1 gram, this is a very solid dosage that you can definitely feel but is not too crazy.

Apollon Nutrition Double Impact Pre Workout

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Double Impact stronger than Assassin and Hooligan Pre Workout?

Assassin is arguably the strongest pre workout ever, but I have to say Double Impact Pre Workout is on the same level if not somehow stronger because of the extra boost. I would also think that the crazy amount of stimulants also helps.

Does Double Impact Pre Workout have DMAA?

No, Double Impact does not have DMAA. Although, it does have basically every other hardcore stimulant like Alpha Yohimbine, Hordenine, and many more.

Does Double Impact Pre Workout Pre Workout have any side effects?

I personally did not have any side effects with Double Impact like a harsh come down or anything like that. Overall, a super clean experience with no crash.

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