Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

blog-icon By FDN Posted on February 17, 2022

Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout Review

Darkside Onslaught pre workout is a pre workout supplement from Alpha Neon. This stim junkie supplement has been getting attention for being next up.

In this Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout

Where can I buy Darkside Onslaught?

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My Experience with Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout

I tried the rainbow candy flavor and it was solid. Purple Punch is the other flavor and I assume it’s ok too.

With Darkside Onslaught, you have to gauge your serving size.

For me the perfect amount was 1.5 scoops. On 1 scoop this is still a great pre workout but the benefits are just lightened a bit.

But let me tell you, on 1.5 scoops, this is one of the better pre workouts I have tried in recent memory.

The energy came in about 15 minutes after I took it. Coming with a great sense of urgency as well. Which was not super overwhelming.

The focus was on par with some of the best nootropics. I even got a somewhat euphoric feeling in my head. Peaking around 30-45 minutes in.

On top of that, the pumps were absolutely insane. I really felt swole with increased endurance throughout my sets.

I will say there is no beta alanine tingling. Which is a plus for some people who don’t like that buzzy feeling.

What makes Darkside Onslaught even better is that the effects last after the workout. So you can use that euphoric-like feeling to your benefit.

There are no side effects either so you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening.

Overall, Alpha Neon have created an awesome stim junkie pre workout. 


  • Immediate Energy
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Nootropic High
  • Swole Pumps
  • Great Sense of Urgency
  • 60/45/30 Servings (Awesome Value-For-Money)


  • None
COMPARE PRICES FOR Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

What is in Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught?

Darkside Onslaught is loaded with many hardcore ingredients like Alpha GPC, Lion’s Mane, Hordenine, and more.

Because there are so many ingredients, I will go over only the most important ones. But you can see the full label below.

Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

First we have the energy ingredient everyone knows and loves. At 300mg, Caffeine may seem a little underdosed. But believe me the other stims make up for it.

L-Citrulline – 7g

Second is L-Citrulline which is a powerful pump ingredient. 7g is pretty much the clinical dose. Will deliver on nice pumps.

Hordenine HCL – 75mg

Next, Hordenine is there for thermogenesis and overall athletic performance. You would typically see this ingredient in very strong pre workouts or even fat burners like this.

Alpha GPC – 500mg

One of the most used focus ingredients in both pre workouts and nootropics. Alpha GPC is going to get you in the zone after taking a serving of this awesome nootropic.

Bacopa Monniera Leaf Extract – 300mg

Then, very similar to Bauhinia Purpurea. Bacopa Extract is an antioxidant that works to reduce stress, boost brain function, and more.

Lion’s Mane – 300mg

Lion’s Mane is another super strong stimulant in Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout that provides an overall intensity boost and oftentimes helps with preventing fatigue.

Paradoxine – 45mg

Similar to many ingredients here, Paradoxine will add to the appetite suppression and energy matrix.

L-Tyrosine – 1g

Moreover, L-Tyrosine is a focus ingredient. It is going to work with the many others to provide a dialed-in experience.

N-Methyl Tyramine HCL – 120mg

NMT is very similar to Hordenine in the sense that it is there to increase athletic performance. Many times, you will find that stimulants like this will give you an extra push for an extra rep or two.

Bioperine – 5mg

Lastly, Bioperine at 5mg is an absorption ingredient. Preventing any unwanted side effects that can occur from pre workouts

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SUPER STRENGTH! 🙌 Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught Pre-Workout Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take Darkside Onslaught?

Since Darkside Onslaught pre workout is a hardcore supplement, it would be better if you used it 2-3 times per week. Otherwise you will get used to the stims and the effects will wear off.

Is it safe to use hardcore pre workouts?

It is definitely safe to use stim junkie pre workouts like Darkside Onslaught. This is not a super crazy supplement so there should not be any issues.

Does Darkside Onslaught have any side effects?

From my experience, Darkside Onslaught has zero side effects. You can expect a clean workout with no crash.


Darkside Onslaught pre workout is one that needs to be on your radar. This is a super good stim junkie pre workout that will deliver every time.

Energy, focus, pumps you got it. Nice flavors too if you really care about that.

All in all, I loved Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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