Dark Labs Euphoria Review + Coupon Code

blog-icon By FDN Posted on December 27, 2022

Dark Labs Euphoria Review

TJ from Fitness Deal News here to review Dark Labs EUPHORIA, a single-ingredient supplement with 100 milligrams of DMHA per capsule.

In this review, I will take you through the label, experience, and the use cases for this product.

I’ll also give you my final verdict and tell us you if it fits in your stim junkie journey.

A Brief History of Dark Labs

Dark Labs is one of the biggest brands in the stim junkie world. They are a Polish brand that the FDA doesn’t seem to like very much.

They’ve brought us some of the most popular pre-workouts and fat burners on the market, including Crack DMAA, Crack Gold, Flame V1, Herolean Fat Burner, Crack Reloaded, and more.

dark labs euphoria

Where To Buy Euphoria?

You can get Dark Labs Euphoria at Supps Central and save 20% OFF with code ‘FDN20


Dark Labs Euphoria Review on YouTube

100% DMHA BUZZ 👿 Dark Labs EUPHORIA Review

My Experience

I tried Euphoria in four different use cases:

  • One pill (100 milligrams of DMHA) by itself: You get a very subtle effect of just feeling better and more focused.
  • Two pills (200 milligrams of DMHA) by itself: You get a subtle energy kick and a good feeling of well-being and focus

On to the next 2 ways I used Euphoria, which I believe are the real highlight of this product! Turning a regular pre workout into an experience 🙂

  • One pill as an add-on to an everyday pre-workout: You get a good nootropic buzz and a subtle extra energy kick.
  • Two pills as an add-on to an everyday pre-workout: You get a nasty headbuzz and a good energy kick, practically turning your everyday pre workout to a stim junkie one.

What is in Euphoria?

Dark Labs Euphoria is a single-ingredient supplement with 60 capsules and 100 milligrams of DMHA per capsule. DMHA is a stimulant that is more of a nootropic, providing a euphoric feeling and focus.

It is usually found in combination with other ingredients, but Dark Labs has decided to go with a single-ingredient approach.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Dark Labs Euphoria by itself?

Yes, you can. From my experience, you will feel the headbuzz on 2 pills.

Can I use Dark Labs Euphoria with other Dark Labs Pre-Workouts?

I would not recommend mixing Dark Labs products. All of the Dark Labs pre-workouts are already loaded with other stimulants, including DMHA and that might just be too much.

Final Verdict

Dark Labs EUPHORIA is a great product for those looking for a nootropic feeling and a subtle energy kick.

It is also a great way to cycle on and off DM** stuff without having to buy two pre-workouts.

The quality of the DMHA is top-notch and the price is very reasonable.


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