Dark labs CRACK Primal Pre-Workout Review | The Best Crack Ever?

blog-icon By FDN Posted on May 21, 2023

Crack Primal Pre-Workout

Dark Labs has done it again with their new Crack Primal pre-workout. This limited edition pre-workout is loaded with all kinds of stimulants, and is said to be even better than their previous Barbarian pre-workout. And we have a lot of expectations from the people who brought us Crack pre workout and Crack Gold Pre Workout both by now legendary pre-workouts.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the ingredients, flavor, and effects of Crack Primal Edition to see if it really is the best pre-workout Dark Labs released to date!


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BEST Dark Labs Pre Workout EVER? 🚀 Crack PRIMAL EDITION Review

Where to buy Crack Primal Pre-Workout

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The Label & The Promise

Well, as you would expect from Dark Labs, this label is LOADED with all kinds of things the FDA doesn’t like! Good think the review was done in the world’s only FDA Proof Bunker!

Here are the highlights of the ingredient panel:

Crack Primal Edition contains a whopping 25 servings of the following ingredients:

  • L-Citrulline at 6 grams for pumps
  • Beta Alanine for tingling and lactic acid buffering at 3.2 grams
  • Agmatine Sulfate for pumps at 1 gram
  • Alpha GPC for focus at 500 milligrams
  • L-Tyrosine for focus at 500 milligrams
  • Beta-Phenylethylamine for mood elevation at 500 milligrams
  • Caffeine Anhydrous for energy at 300 milligrams
  • Caffeine Citrate for super fast energy at 175 milligrams
  • Caffeine Malate for long lasting energy at 250 milligrams
  • DMHA for mood elevation & focus at 300 milligrams
  • Halostachin to bring all the other stimulants together at 150 milligrams
  • Noopept for tunnel vision focus at 30mg
  • Isopropylnorsynephrine for internal fat burning energy at 30 milligrams
  • Naringine for fat burning at 12.5 milligrams
  • Alpha-Yohimbine for that sense of energy at 1.75 milligrams


Both flavors of the Crack Primal Edition are much better than the flavor of Barbarian. While Barbarian was terrible, Crack Primal Edition flavors are okay. It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad either. But you know what we think about flavors anyway right? Who cares! If the pre-workout is amazing the 10 seconds of bad flavor are well worth it.

Get ready to FLY
Crack Primal Pre Workout Coupon

By Dark Labs

Discount code:

FDN20 = 20% off at Supps Central

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Crack Primal Pre-Workout hits really fast. As fast as any other pre-workout you’ve taken. But thought you’ll feel everything right out of the gate, it is not overwhelming like the energy hit from Crack UNDEAD king. But, it is intense…

Actually the experience of Crack Primal Edition is very similar to Barbarian, but with one very important difference. The mood elevation and sense of mission is just as intense, but the Noopept adds an extra “in the bubble zone” feeling. It’s like you’re in your own workout spaceship, and you don’t care about anything else. The energy kicks in quickly and lasts for 6-7 hours. Couple more things to note – the pumps are okay (nothing special) and the good news is I didn’t experience any of the downsides of the Alpha Yo.

This is definitely one of the more motivating pre-workouts I have ever had and I had a few in my day…:)

Another important element is that the appetite suppression is intense, and you may not want to eat for 6-7 hours after taking it.

Get ready to FLY
Crack Primal Pre Workout Coupon

By Dark Labs

Discount code:

FDN20 = 20% off at Supps Central

Get it on Supps Central


If you like your pre-workout to make you fly, with an excessive amounts of mood elevation and energy, then you’ll love Crack Primal Edition. The Noopept adds an extra “bubble” feeling that makes you feel like you’re in your own workout spaceship. The energy kicks in quickly and lasts for 6-7 hours, and the pumps are okay. The appetite suppression is intense, and you may not want to eat for 6-7 hours after taking it.

Bottom line, if you are a stim junkie, you should know, that this pre-workout is limited edition, so get it while you can!

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