Dark Labs Adrenaline Review + Best Deal 2022

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Dark Labs Adrenaline Review

If you have not heard about Dark Labs until now, you have probably been living under a rock. This company out of Poland has been delivering stim junkie pre workouts and fat burners nonstop. And they just cannot miss. This time we will be looking at Dark Labs’ new energy formula/nootropic – Adrenaline.

In this Dark Labs Adrenaline Review, we will look at everything you need to know from the experience, label, and value-for money. Without further ado, let’s find out if Dark Labs have created yet another awesome product.

Dark Labs Adrenaline

Where to buy Dark Labs Adrenaline

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Best Energy Pill 2023!? 🚀 Dark Labs Adrenaline Review

My Experience with Adrenaline Nootropic

As I usually do with hardcore products like Adrenaline, I started off with 1 capsule. Which is the recommended serving size.

And as expected, this baby hits hard. This is an extremely solid energy boost that has you going for hours.

Now, this isn’t really one of those killer formulas that will have you sweating like crazy. It is more of a smooth, yet hard-hitting surge that comes in nice.

I would say the effects and feeling are very similar to their Ripper Fat Burner, which is expected based on the labels.

All in all, this is an awesome energy boost that has great value-for-money at significantly less than $1 per serving. Cannot go wrong with Dark Labs Adrenaline!


  • Hard-hitting Energy
  • Good Focus
  • Strong Appetite Suppressant


  • None that I can think of
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What is in Dark Labs Energy Formula?

Dark Labs Adrenaline has a very similar formula to their Ripper Fat Burner, but no DMAA on this one. There are still a lot of hard-hitting stimulants though so stim junkies should definitely stick around.

Dark Labs Adrenaline Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

DMHA – 200 mg

First on the list we have the strong stimulant that is DMHA at 200 mg. This ingredient is going to contribute to the focus and euphoria aspect in Dark Labs Adrenaline.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 250 mg

We all know caffeine. This is the energetic stimulant that provides an extra boost in gym supplements.

Synephrine HCL – 50 mg

Next we have Synephrine at 50 mg which is known to increase thermogenesis and increase body heat.

GBB HCL – 50 mg

A similar ingredient to Synephrine, GBB HCL is going to do the same thing plus an appetite suppressing component.

Alpha Yohimbine – 2 mg

Then we have Alpha Yohimbine at 2 mg is going to act as another hard-hitting perspective to this energy formula.

Eria Jarensis Extract – 125 mg

Lastly, Eria Jarensis Extact is a euphoric ingredient that also provides a focus enhancement.

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