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What’s going on everyone? TJ with fitness news reviews and together with me today the much-anticipated and definitely hyped craze The OG by driven sports. Yeah, people, some of you that have been around the pre-workout supplement industry for more than two-three years remember the original craze that got banned after they found illegal drugs and a lot of them inside it. But it was an amazing experience for the ones of you that actually tried it, definitely hailed as one of the best ever as far as mood elevation. Getting you in the zone, was just great. But yeah it did have illegal drugs. And now with a lot of fanfare and you know a lot of drive on social media they’ve been pushing this craze and naming it The OG basically you know alluding to the fact that this is gonna be as good as the original one. Listen, people, I’m gonna take you through the level of this thing it’s not gonna take us a lot of time. Because this is a prop freaking blend and then I’m gonna take you through my experience using this one over the last week. So, we’d understand if this is really The OG or this is totally fake news let’s get right into it. Don’t like reading? You can watch the full CRZ the OG review below on our YouTube Channel.

The hype STOPS Here | CRZ the OG Pre-Workout REVIEW [Craze]


About the company & product:

Okay, guys, so driven sports as far as the company reputation you know what I’m gonna leave it to you to decide. The original craze that came out I think it was like four years ago or something like that. Really was amazing you know at the time Jack was you know DMAA base jacked and run and was  all the rage and they came out with the original craze and just blew everybody out of the water. Because it was such an amazing experience just Google the hodgetwins doing the original craze review. This is this was just a great experience and then after a few months really didn’t take a long time after a few months the FDA basically found out that they were putting illegal drugs. And quite a lot of them, from what I’m understanding like really legal drugs amphetamines, like serious shit.  And anyway, they stopped and then they came out with the with another version craze to which totally sucked. And now after probably like a good three four years they came out with the started pushing it on social media calling it Craze The OG. Which obviously as you would think is supposed to be as good as The OG. Anyway, because that’s what we do here I went online and actually bought a tub and I’ve tried it for her the last week.


So I’m gonna take you through the label here because this is this is the one of the craziest labels I’ve ever seen as far as the ingredients in there. You know a lot of the times when we review pre-workouts here even like super steam junkie pre-workout. We see a lot of the same stuff you know but different mixture you see caffeine obviously you see different types of caffeine label you see Eria Jarenesis, you see Synephrine and Hordenine and the likes. This thing has like, probably the most amount of stuff I actually needed to Google to understand what the hell is this stuff and what is it doing in this pre-workout. Let me start by saying this is theoretically 30 servings so I’m gonna talk about that in a second. Each serve is 4.6 grams that’s it four point five grams.  Yeah four point six grams of the of a totally proprietary blend the only thing they actually outlined here is DHEA at ten milligrams.

Now for the ones of you don’t know DHEA is a hormone. Basically, that your body produces naturally it’s part it’s a precursor to testosterone. I don’t I have no clue what it’s doing here.  10 milligram is in any case a super under dosed amounts even if you decided to take DHEA to increase the testosterone. And generally speaking, if you go google DHEA and you go mayo clinic they suggest not to take the DHEA. There’s very little research around it and it actually has potentially some significant side effects.  I have no clue why its in a pre-workout anyway.

There’s nothing and there’s very little around endurance and muscle power so like creating the timing or whatever the only thing you have here is the first ingredient in this super Pro blend is beating.  I don’t know how much then you have glycine which is the second amount you’re out of the 4. 6.  I, I mean glycine is an amino acid it’s supposed to theoretically help with some stress relief and muscle protein synthesis. I mean if you if it’s the first time you hear about glycine in a pre-workout there’s a reason behind. There’s very little research that shows that it helps with performance. But it is the second ingredient here so it means that between the Betaine and the Glycine my assumption is that there’s like four grams out of the 4.6 here. Anyway, be that is okay like muscle protein synthesis you usually want to see at least like 2.5 to 3 grams of it so I don’t know what anyway.

Then you have then the list starts with except caffeine that’s in here that I don’t know how much.

Anyway, so that’s the label let’s talk about this 4.6 grams prop blend and just generally. So, basically in the instructions when you look at the instruction you’re gonna see that they say hey, start with one scoop and then go for two scoops for to get this full effect. So, we already know that one scoop is gonna not gonna do a lot and I’m gonna talk about my experience actually tried it and it does shit and then two scoops that you get fifteen serves in this thing. Yes, 15 servings this is what it is fifteen servings. They’re supposed to take two scoops of this thing which will be a bit about 10 grams of a serve with all of this problem that we don’t know what it does. Anyway, the real question in your head is if this reminds us of the original craze because this is really the premise here.  I mean this is craze OG that’s the statement that’s what they’re trying to say this is where this thing fits in.


Anyway, let’s start with the flavor. It’s the least important thing I just want to take it out of the way, i tried the lemonade flavor. It sucks honestly, it’s just not good. it’s not like terrible, terrible it’s not like the worst thing I’ve ever had but it’s definitely it’s like a 5 out of 10. It has a very strong chemical aftertaste and it stays with you.

Experience and what to expect:

Ok, let’s talk about my experience this is once let’s take away one scoop up though let’s take one scoop out of the way one scoop does shit. Like literally I could go to sleep with one scoop. So, this is like an amino energy with one scoop it does it doesn’t do anything. Two scoops so, is this really as good as the original? Should you guys just go and get it because you want to relive the experience of the original. NO! no guys, this whole thing is totally freaking fake news this is an okay pre-workout on two scoops and that’s it.

You’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna get the energy kick, you’re gonna be okay. This feels like c4 extreme or regular C4 on two scoops right. This feels nothing like the original, there’s zero mood elevation the original craze for the ones of you tried and I was fortunate enough to have two tubs of this thing the original one.  I mean man, obviously, it had drugs in it but you were flying the mood elevation was unbelievable. CRZ the OG though feels nothing like it.

This thing with two scoops feels like an average pre-workout. It would not make my top 50. And with the flavor sucking I mean I wouldn’t even recommend this if you find it for $20. Now given the fact its $40, for 15 servings of this,  I mean seriously, this is as much fake news as you can get. So listen, driven sports really sorry I’m sorry they banned the illegal drugs. But this thing calling it the OG is total, total bullshit.

Final Verdict & Alternatives:

So, guys if you were wondering you know you try the original one you were thinking about oh my god I’m so missing that feeling and you were gonna buy this thing, then seriously save your money, go buy some AREZ, WiLD, or Hell Yea or Defiant Unleashed or PRE-STACK. These are the ones you want if you want to get closer to the OG. This new CRZ is an okay mediocre beginner like pre-workout. And. Fifteen servings for $40 just sucks and this has nothing to do with the OG.

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