CRACK Undead King Pre Workout Review

blog-icon By FDN Posted on April 16, 2023

Dark Labs Crack Undead King Review

Yes, stim junkies! Another killer pre workout from the most hardcore pre workout brand on the planet – Dark Labs. The people who brought you Crack pre workout and Crack Gold Pre Workout.

So, it is a good thing we are in the world’s only FDA proof bunker to review the Dark Labs Crack Undead King limited edition pre-workout. This pre-workout is not for the faint of heart, as it has the kitchen sink of stim junkiness. I will take you through the label and share my personal experience using this pre-workout.

Don’t like reading? I have good news for you! You can watch the full review on Youtube below!

Crack Undead Review on YouTube

STRONGEST Dark Labs Pre Workout Ever 😱 Crack UNDEAD KING Review

Label Overview

The Crack Undead King limited edition pre-workout has a label packed with a boat load of stimulants! Lets go through the highlights

Crack undead king ingredients

  • Citrulline Mallete at 6 grams for improved vasodilation
  • Beta Alanine at 3.2 grams for increased muscle carnosine levels
  • Agmatine at 4 grams for enhanced nitric oxide production
  • Alpha GPC at 700 milligrams for cognitive enhancement
  • Beta PEA 750 milligrams for mood elevation
  • Eria Jarensis at 500 milligrams for enhanced focus and energy
  • Caffeine at 300 milligrams for increased alertness
  • DMHA at 350 milligrams for improved exercise performance
  • Caffeine Citrate at 225 milligrams for fast-acting energy
  • Valerian Root at 150 milligrams for relaxation
  • Halostachine at 150 milligrams for increased metabolism
  • Hordenine at 50 milligrams for improved mood and focus
  • Alpha Yo at 1.75 milligrams for improved focus
  • Green Tea Extract at 25 milligrams for antioxidant benefits


Well, let me tell you something, the flavor on this one, is just bad. Yes, you know that if I am saying a flavor is bad, it is really bad! But the good news is you didn’t come all the way here for this monster of a pre workout to cry about flavor!

My Experience

The first time I tried Crack Undead King, I took a full scoop. Man, oh man, this pre-workout humbled me down. The energy hits you like a slap in the face and then slaps you again and again for 20-30 minutes. It starts at 10 minutes in and peaks at 30 minutes. It was too much for me.

But then it stabilized and I started to feel crazy & angry energy. This pre-workout will wake you up from the dead. It is like Flame V2, but it hitsway harder and it lasts longer.

The pumps were solid and the appetite suppression was insane. I didn’t want to eat anything for most of the day.

The second and third time I tried it, I took ¾ of a scoop and the experience was very similar. It just eliminated the first 30 minutes of drama and got me immediately into the angry focus and just stayed there all day.


The Crack Undead King limited edition pre-workout from Dark Labs is one of the strongest pre-workouts I have ever tried. It has the kitchen sink of stim junkiness and will wake you up from the dead.

If you want to test your stim junkie level, give this one a shot. It is available on the Dark Labs website and I will link to it below.

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