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blog-icon By FDN Posted on April 14, 2023

Apollon Nutrition Chaos Fat Burner Review [V4]

Apollon Nutrition is one of our favorite supplement brands here at FDN because they consistently release awesome products. You may have heard about Assassin or Hooligan pre workouts by the brand. Apollon Nutrition has recently released their fourth version of their popular fat burner, CHAOS. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the ingredients, effects, and overall experience of this product.

In this Chaos Fat Burner Review, we will look at everything you need to know about the experience, dosages, and more!  As always you can watch the video review on YouTube if you are more into movies than books.

apollon nutrition chaos fat burner

Where to buy Apollon Nutrition Chaos

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Chaos Fat Burner Review on YouTube

The HEAT is ON 😰 Apollon Nutrition CHAOS Fat Burner [V4 - NEW!]

What is in Chaos Fat Burner?

CHAOS contains a variety of ingredients that are designed to increase your body’s metabolic rate, help you sweat, and suppress your appetite. Here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients:

Chaos fat burner panel


  • Mito Burn (500mg): An antioxidant and fat metabolizer.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg): A stimulant that provides energy.
  • Paradoxine (225mg): A sweating and metabolic rate enhancer.
  • Cocbuterol (200mg): A non-stimulant ingredient that helps with mood elevation.
  • CaspiMax (100mg): A trademarked ingredient that helps with metabolic rate and sweating.
  • GBB (50mg): Another ingredient that helps with metabolic rate and sweating.
  • InnoSlim – 125 mg: As the name suggests, InnoSlim is going to help you burn the fat while also not inflicting super hardcore energy.
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My Experience with Chaos Fat Burner

I tried CHAOS on four capsules, which is the full serving size. The thermogenic effect was insane! I was sweating just from doing office work. From an energy perspective, I experienced good, consistent energy with a slight feeling of mood elevation.

The appetite suppression was very apparent. I didn’t feel like eating because I was on fire! I then tried it on three capsules and two capsules. Even on two capsules, I was still feeling the heat. I found my sweet spot to be on three capsules, which would give you 45 servings.


  • Appetite Suppression
  • Great Focus
  • Hits Quickly
  • Metabolic Boost


  • None


Apollon Nutrition CHAOS Fat Burner [V4] is an excellent fat burner that provides serious thermogenic effects without tons of stimulants or being overwhelming. I also like the fact it is very effective with different dosages (pills) so you can find your comfort zone and also save money!


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