Cellucor C4 Dynasty Review | Is it worth it?!

blog-icon By Posted on February 23, 2020

Cellucor C4 Dynasty Review

C4 Dynasty is by far the most loaded pre-workout from Nutrabolt / Cellucor so far and based on current company messages, it is a limited edition. With 18 ingredients, 23 grams of actives and a bunch of branded (and not cheap) patented one, the C4 Dynasty got a lot of buzz going around it. To accompany the hype, Cellucor put a $70 (!) price tag on this baby, which for 20 servings makes it one of (if not THE) the most expensive pre workouts out there. Is it worth the money? Well, this review has exactly what you need to know.

Cellucor C4 Dynasty Review

The Label & The Promise

Yes, this is a LOADED label! With some ingredients clearly overdosed (5g of Beta Alanine!? 10g of Citrulline blend?!). Lets take a look at the ‘interesting part’, the energy and focus part of the label brings in 350mg of caffeine (I like it), N-Acytl Tyrosine (400mg), Alpha GPC (200MG – under-dosed), Theacrine (62mg) and 1MG of Alpha Yo (I like it). This is not a crazy stim label but rather one that is designed to get you going and keep you focused.

c4 dynasty

The pump & power formula is definitely impressive with a bunch of elements dosed to the max around both pumps and power output.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Cellucor C4 Dynasty

C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout Experience

Flavor: I tried the fruit punch flavor. And I thought I’d never say it in 2020, but this fruit punch is fire 🙂

Experience: let’s start with the surprising parts, I expected the pumps to be out of this world. Well they are good but I’ve had better (check out our review of Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Bare Knuckle or Innovapharm NovaPump). Now, the energy and the focus are very good. On par with other ‘traditional’ pre workout (aka not carrying gray market ingredients) but again, it does not feel so much different than the half priced competition or the previously released C4 Ultimate which I really like and you can find today for $20 per tub!

Final Verdict

Cellucor C4 Dynasty Review

The C4 Dynasty is the one of the best pre workouts Cellucor ever launched. That is clear. Also, this is one of these pre-workouts that is just very good across the board but not the best at anything noticeable and when combined with the steep price, it is good but there are better value for money options out there. For starters you can pick up the Cellucor C4 Ultimate for $less than $30 per tub these days, and in my opinion, it is just as good! If you are in the market for much more. you can check out top 10 pre workout list to see a few of those. But if you actually want to experiment with this limited edition you can compare prices, and find the best deals for this pre workout on our site.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Cellucor C4 Dynasty

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