HIVE Pre-Workout Review We are back in the FDA Proof Bunker to review the reformulated version of the Nemesis Project's HIVE pre-workout. In this review, I will take you through the label of this pre-workout and share with you my personal experience using it. I will also map out where this pre-workout fits in your stim junkie journey. Where can I buy HIVE Pre Workout? Supps Central offers HIVE Pre Workout for 20% off with code FDN20  Hive Pre Workout on YouTube Label Overview The label of the reformulated version of HIVE is much simpler than the first version. It contains 20 servings of 9 grams
Posted February 18, 2023
Ferox Amped Pre-Workout Review [ez-toc] Chaos & Pain's FEROX AMPED pre-workout is a stim-junkie's dream come true - on label. With a label packed with 20 servings of 22.7 grams of ingredients, it's no wonder I was scared to try it. But I'm a stim-junkie and I was up for the challenge. Here's my review of Chaos & Pain's FEROX AMPED pre-workout.   A Brief History of Chaos & Pain Chaos and Pain is a supplement brand that produces a variety of products such as pre-workout supplements, fat burners, and protein powders. The brand is known for its distinctive branding and aggressive marketing tactics, which
Posted February 3, 2023
El Jefe Pre Workout Review ASC supplements is another one of those small companies that I love to review because they really give it their ALL in every aspect. From the amazing design and branding, to the actual formula and product quality. El Jefe is definitely one of those products and has one of the best looking labels out there. In this El Jefe Pre Workout Review, we are going to be talking about everything you need to know. From the flavor, to the label, and so on. Without further ado, let the review begin! Where can I buy El Jefe Pre
Posted February 20, 2022
There are many different types of pre-workout supplement out there, each with different uses and benefits. But this article is dedicated to finding the strongest pre-workout supplements to buy on Amazon. We’re talking about powerful, high-stimulatory pre workouts that will have you bouncing off the walls, smashing new personal bests all over the place. We’re talking about the best hardcore pre-workout supplements money can buy! 5 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements to Buy on Amazon We’re trying to bring you the best strongest pre-workout deals for 2020, and in our opinion the following five pre-workouts are top of the list! #1 Insane Labz Psychotic
Posted April 23, 2021
After steel supplements hard-af review and AMPED AF comes CHARGED AF, the second pre-workout from Steel Supplements (with HARD AF being a whole other type of “pre workout”). This company is well known for its hardcore line of supplements, so you know you should generally expect their pre workouts to hit you hard or at least have some additional benefits to other high stim pre-workouts. You might have noticed it is quite difficult to understand the differences between the two pre workouts  - AMPED AF and CHARGED AF by searching it online, so let’s dive in to charged af pre-workout
Posted August 25, 2020
Velocity Nutrition is a small company and this is their only pre workout out there at the moment. I personally like reviewing small companies products as it allows me to expose you to products that you probably wouldn’t know about otherwise, and a lot of the times these small companies put an effort in their formulas and bring something new to the table. So let’s dive in to the Velocity Pre-Workout Review. LABEL As you will notice most of the ingredients in the Velocity Pre-Workout are pretty common but some are actually pretty interesting. PUMPS & ENDURANCE Starting with 3.2g of Beta
Posted March 15, 2019
Redcon1 needs no introduction, the company that stormed the supplements world with their Total War Pre Workout is bringing you their latest RTD form of Total War, which is supposed to compliment the powder form. Redcon1 has some of the best supplements in the market and I reviewed a few you should definitely check out like REDCON1 BOOM STICK Review, Redcon1 RPG Review and RedCon1 MRE Review. The idea behind the Total War RTD is having these around at gym fridges, and lord knows we need a positive, refreshing change in these fridges (ABB speed shot doesn’t cut it anymore!),
Posted January 29, 2019
Scivation Xtend needs no introduction. This is one of the best selling Amino product in the market as well as the best selling Intra Workout in the market. The guys at Scivation know what they’re doing, just as you can see in my previous Scivation quake review. This product, like other similar products from this category, is supposed to help with keeping you hydrated and keep muscle protein synthesis with BCAA research, which I know some of you to buy into, but let’s dive into the Scivation Xtend RTD Review. Scivation Xtend RTD brings 7 grams of BCAA with 0 carbs,
Posted January 24, 2019
Omega Sanktion, the first pre workout from the young company Alpha Phlyte, has one of those labels I instantly liked. You can immediately see they made this pre workout for us stim-junkies and they know what we like. [product_store_btn id='11444']   Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Youtube Review:   OMEGA SANKTION LABEL This is not one of those labels that has a million ingredients or so many stims you start feeling jittery just from looking at it. It is quite a simple label, but as you will read later on - an effective one. So let’s dive into our Omgea Sanktion Pre-workout Review. PUMPS Very simple, maybe
Posted January 17, 2019

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