C4 Pre Workout Review [Read This BEFORE Buying]

blog-icon By FDN Posted on September 14, 2021

C4 Pre Workout Review [Cellucor]

C4 Pre Workout is a pre workout supplement from Cellucor. It has become extremely popular over the years and is in essentially every GNC in the United States. Bottom line, this pre workout has expanded beyond anyone’s expectations.

In this Cellucor C4 Pre Workout Review, we will be looking at everything from the experience to the ingredients to the side effects. And most importantly, is it worth the attention and popularity it has received?

C4 Pre Workout

Where to Buy C4 Pre Workout

I would recommend checking out a much better alternative – God of Rage Pre Workout.

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But if you still want to purchase Cellucor C4, you can get it at Amazon.

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My Experience with C4 Pre Workout

First, let’s talk about flavor. I tried the Fruit Punch and it was decent. Nothing to rave about, but it does the job. 

As for the experience, extremely disappointing is the only way to describe it. It is advertised as an “explosive” pre workout that will elevate your gym session. And it is just not that.

I initially tried it with 1 scoop which is their recommend serving size. That was a mistake.

I usually am not one to base a pre workout on the label, but there was no chance this is going to be an enjoyable experience.At 1 scoop, this is an everyday pre workout for true beginners. And only beginners. 

The energy and focus kicked in about 20 minute after I took C4 and it was simply weak. I would compare it to a coffee, and not even. The pumps are essentially non-existent and there is no sense of urgency.

I then tried it with 2 scoops the next day, and it was not far from the previous day. The same experience but slightly intensified.

I really would not think C4 was a pre workout but an energy drink. Or a coffee like I mentioned. It is definitely not a pre workout.

The only people who should be using this are beginners who just got introduced to pre workouts. Because this is pretty much as safe as it gets for pre workouts.

If you want a real pre workout, you should look into God of Rage or Woke AF Pre Workout from Bucked Up.


  • Decent Beginner Pre Workout
  • OK Focus


  • No Sense of Urgency
  • Flavor is OK at best
  • Not “Explosive”
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What is in C4 Pre Workout?

Cellucor C4 has a semi-proprietary label that includes ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, and Beta Alanine. Now, it says 1 level scoop is the serving size for C4. But there is absolutely no chance you are going to feel anything at these dosages.

So if for some reason you still end up buying this, you will have to use 2 scoops. At which it is still not that great of a pre workout.

C4 Pre Workout Ingredients

Ingredient Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous – 150 mg

First on the list, we have Caffeine at 150 mg. Which may very well be the lowest dosage I have every seen in a “explosive” pre workout.

Beta Alanine – 1.6 g

Next, Beta Alanine is a pump ingredient that provides that tingling sensation. Adding an extra buzz and focus to your workout.

Creatine Nitrate – 1 g

Also known as simply Creatine, this ingredient is meant to be a performance enhancer. As well as helping with recovery.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – 1 g

This is an ingredient that we do not usually see in pre workouts. It is there for help in blood flow in addition to increasing vascularity.


L-Tyrosine at one gram is going to provide focus in Cellucor’s C4 Pre Workout. 


Then there is Theacrine. We do not know the dosage for this ingredient but it is thee to provide focus and energy. It can also improve mood but there is none of that in C4.

Velvet Bean Seed Extract

Lastly, Velvet Bean Seed Extract is an antioxidant that is there to counteract any side effects. Preventing any crash or comedown in Cellucor C4.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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