BZRK Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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BZRK Pre Workout Review

Black Magic Supply is a relatively new company with even newer product lines like BZRK pre workout. Their promise is high-quality products at reasonable prices. In this BZRK pre workout review, we will go over everything you need to know from the benefits, side effects, flavor, and more.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

BZRK Pre Workout

Where can I get BZRK Pre Workout?

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BZRK Pre Workout Review on YouTube

BZRK Pre Workout Review | Black Magic Extract?!

My Experience with BZRK Pre Workout

In terms of flavor, I had the Peach Rings and I must admit I LOVED it. This is one of these pre workouts that feels creamy and tasted amazing, which is quite rare for a pre workout.  

The pumps are super solid as well. In terms of the tingling, this product provides less tingling than what I am used to. You do feel them but it’s very mild.

The focus with BZRK pre workout is one of the best I’ve had. This is more than anything else a focus pre workout, the tunnel vision zone type. The energy hits you really fast, about 5-6 minutes into it, and it lasts quite a long time.

The energy fades out really slow and it is great for those of you that have long workouts and need that energy to keep going. This is not going to give you crazy energy. It’s just mainly solid energy and amazing focus.

In terms of mood elevation, it’s a really interesting experience. The first half hour you don’t really feel it, but about an hour into it it suddenly comes.

So to a large extent, during the workout you feel the energy and focus, and post workout you feel the mood elevation – which I thought is a super interesting experience that allows you to be happy and feel good after your workout.


  • Hard-Hitting
  • Laser Focus
  • Immediate Effect
  • Great Flavors


  • None that I can think of

What is in BZRK Pre Workout

BZRK has a semi-proprietary label which isn’t ideal. Despite the fact that we don’t know the exact dosages, we do know this pre workout has ingredients like caffeine, L-Theanine and others. Know that the label has been changed, and Black Magic Supply decided to remove the DMHA. Most likely for legal reasons.

BZRK Pre Workout Label

Pumps & Endurance

7g of Citrulline-Malate and 2.5g of GlycerPump which are perfect doses for good volume and nitric-oxide production. So the pumps are super solid.

In terms of endurance you get Beta-O (Beta-Alanine bounded to Orotic Acid) at 3.2g which is good for tingling and endurance, plus Betaine at 2.5g which is great for muscle protein synthesis, muscle power output and helps with ATP production.

Stimulants Package

As far as stimulants go – we do know there’s 350mg caffeine per scoop, which is great. When reading more into the label you see Tyrosine for focus, alongside Caffeine Anhydrous, 2-Amino which is basically DMHA, and Kola Nut extract.

Kola Nut extract is an ingredient you don’t see often in PWOs – but there are a lot of qualities to it, one of it is stimulating the central nerve system and helping with energy production.

NMT is on the list which is a common ingredient in fat burners and PWOs, and I like it. Next are Higenamine and Neurofactor, which together with Caffeine Anhydrous are supposed to help with sustainable long-lasting energy.

Lastly, Huperzine which also helps in mental focus and mood elevation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does BZRK have DMHA?

BZRK pre workout no longer has DMHA after the company removed it. It is still a great pre workout, the the mood elevation and focus aspect is just a bit downgraded.

Did the formula change?

Yes, the formula for BZRK pre workout did change. No more DMHA.

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