BN LABS Ultimate Whey Isolate Review - The Best Protein Isolate 2018?

blog-icon By FDN Posted on May 15, 2018

When you speak to whey protein users, you’ll run into two camps. The ones that only care about flavor or price and the ones that only care about the purity of the protein. And let’s be honest, it does seem like supplement companies have been struggling to hit both at the same time (purity and flavor).  This is where BN Labs is aiming at with its new Ultimate Whey Isolate. According to the company—and the label—the product contains 90 percent of protein by weight. What this means is that a 30g scoop of the product will give the consumer a whopping 27g of pure isolate protein.

That is as clean as you can get with a protein, and if you subscribe to the value of protein supplementation then such a product will do wonders for accelerating the synthesis of broken muscles, fibers, and tissues. The consumption of pure protein promises to not only make protein easier to adhere to in our diets but aid in making the protein related functions faster than ever as well. All on the back of a wonderful ingredient: Velositol.


COMPARE PRICES FOR BN Labs Ultimate Whey Isolate


What’s In It and Why?

It is all fine and dandy to be wooed by promises; but it is important to understand, nonetheless, what BN Labs has done to back up its promise in its Ultimate Whey Isolate. So, without further ado, here are the ingredients that the product comprises of:

Velositol – Double the Protein Synthesis!

Velositol might not be the first ingredient listed on the label of BN Labs’ Ultimate Whey Isolate, but it is definitely the one you should be the most excited about. Velositol is a patented ingredient that has been designed to enhance muscle protein synthesis. It is so because Velositol doubles the effects of protein. The combination of Velositol and protein stimulates the release of insulin. On top of that, Velositol enhances the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin as well.

Simply said: Velositol, when added to protein, doubles the power of protein on MPS vs. protein alone in a single dose! Which in turn means that it:

  • Significantly boosts MPS beyond protein alone (as measured by FSR)
  • Promotes leaner body composition
  • Unlocks the potential of protein to enhance muscle-building activity after exercise

And all of this gains magic with less than 2mg!*

The Science behind Velositol

Velositol is a chromium complex which has been modified with a special kind of amylopectin. Chromium, as we all know, helps in the transportation of glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. Amylopectin, on the other hand, is found in starches and is readily absorbed; meaning, ultimately, that it enhances the absorption of the chromium complex.

Velositol is responsible for modifying the insulinogenic responses in the body. This is important because research suggests that insulin is not only responsible for driving carbohydrates into cells but important for increasing the macronutrient absorption levels of certain amino acids as well. Ultimately, the usage of Velositol increases the levels of myokines, thus boosting the oxidation pathways and glucose uptake inside the muscle cells.

Instantized BiPRO Whey Protein Isolate

The magic of 90% pure Isolate content is achieved through the use of BiPRO. BiPRO is a raw material used in the production of whey isolate powder. Instantized BiPRO is extracted from sweet, fresh dairy whey after it has been concentrated and dried. On physical inspection, Instantized BiPRO will appear as a semi-hygroscopic powder, which is not only free-flowing but homogenous as well.

Why BiPRO Protein

biPro is a whey protein isolate that has been purified through a selective ion-exchange process, resulting in a purity level of 97% – The purest level on the market. It is made with all-natural ingredients and its protein is sourced 100% from a whey protein isolate. No other protein or filler is added. This means that on the 27g protein isolate, you are getting an amazing 26.2g of protein Isolate. Listen, people, nothing comes close!

biPro products are all NSF certified for sport, which ensures that all the technical and procedural requirements associated with health safety are respected. The logo appearing on biPro products guarantees that you are consuming a natural, healthy food.


We have tried 3 flavors. Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Graham Cracker. All of them were surprisingly solid! With this type of protein purity, you obviously can’t expect to have a super sweet flavor. Mixability was ok, but I would say that a shaker bottle is required to get the best texture. But overall the flavors are super solid!

How I use it

The fact it is a pure whey isolate and has the Velositol additional boost for MPS, personally I just love taking the product around my workouts. Usually, post workout. To a large extent, this is the time I usually take my protein anyway, and the combination of the ease of digestion, MPS boost and just purity of the Isolate make it a great 1-2-3 punch for me.

The Bottom Line

Well, It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to protein isolates. Let’s see what you are getting:

  1. One of the purest forms of isolates available (BiPRO)
  2. Lactose-free
  3. One of the highest protein content per gram of product we have seen (90%)
  4. Enriched with Velositol that has been shown to double the effect of Muscle Protein Synthesis*
  5. Tested by 3 labs and NSF approved for purity
  6. Tastes good!

I have to say, that personally, this is a protein that to a large extent surpasses the highest quality formulas out there from companies like NutraBio, JYM and others!


COMPARE PRICES FOR BN Labs Ultimate Whey Isolate


* The study on Velositol 

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