Blackstone Labs - Hype Extreme Review

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Blackstone Labs nHype Extreme


Hype Extreme is Blackstone Labs’ revisited version of the original Hype non stim pre workout product. And as we’ll see in this Hype Extreme review, when we go over the label, it is Extremely well dosed.

Blackstone Labs is what many people will consider the ‘original’ hardcore supplement brand. With its history rooted in the ‘Pro Hormnone’ Market the company over the last 2 years has transformed itself to a household name in the mainstream supplement market. Still mostly focusing on the ‘real bros’.

Hype Extreme just like its predecessor, is a stimulant free, pump and focus supplement designed to either be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout or as a stand alone for you stim junkies that want to ‘cycle’ off stimulants.



Blackstone Labs - Hype Extreme Label

As you can see, though the label is promising a complex combination of effects & a ‘revolutionary experience’, the Hype Extreme actual ingredient panel is quite simple.

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The Label’s Bottom Line-  Sometimes simple is a good thing. And it seems that Blackstone Labs, hit the right balance with the Hype Extreme. 5 ingredients in generous doses, all proven to do exactly what you will be buying this product for in the first place.



The Hype Extreme comes in at 25 servings per tub (5 less than the original Hype) and is launching at a price of $39.99. This is on the higher side of the scale when compared to the other non stim pre workout alternatives out there like Pump Powder from MAN Sports. But to be fair to the Hype Extreme, its ingredient profile is way more complete. As the product is still fresh off the shelfs we haven’t seen any Hype Extreme deals yet. Add that to the fact that Blackstone Labs is not the most ‘deal friendly’ brand out there.



The Hype Extreme brings in a very interesting (and simple) ingredient complex that should keep your focus in check & your pumps, well, pumping. Our only clear difficulty here is with the price/value ratio. When we do hunt the Hype Extreme on a deal which will bring the price per tub to the $19.99 range we will seriously consider making it part of our Pre-Workout Arsenal. And as for you…as a Fitness Deal News family member, you should be signed up for the deal alerts and let us do the deal hunting for you.


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