Betancourt Lean Gainz Review

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 Betancourt Lean Gainz



After quite the build up for their new products, Betancourt finally releases the first new product in sometime – Lean Gainz, a naturally sourced protein powder. As the name suggests, it’s a lean mass gainer that aims to help hardgainers gain lean muscle mass as well as provide extra nutrition to help build the muscles rapidly. So hop along with us as we see what we came up here in our BetanCourt Lean Gainz Review.



Betancourt Lean Gainz Supplement Facts


The label is written in a way that a serving is 2 scoops. So, a single serving provides you with 45 grams of protein from a blend of whey protein and beef isolate. The real kicker comes in with the Carbohydrates blend which adds up to  77 grams. It is based on the grains based MODCARB and the Pea Starch based CARB10. It is clear that BetaNCourt didn’t try to make a quick $ with using cheap carbohydrates and went with quality carbs.   

There’s a bunch of muscle building vitamins and minerals like Magnesium and B vitamins which all adds together to 590 calories per serving. It also contains ModCarb, an organic blend that helps keep you energized,  CARB10 and some artificial flavoring.

Bottom Line:  This product is targeted at the meal replacement market and that’s why the numbers seem kind of low compared to other, more well-known products like the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer or Isopure Mass. As a meal replacement shake solution, we like the fact that you have quality protein sources and the carbs matrix looks solid compared to ‘suagr’ based MRPs. Another bright point for BetaNCourts is the long list of muscle building vitamins and minerals that help it achieve its goal and maybe put some pressure on the competition…




Taste & Mixability: Coming in two flavors, Chocolate Brownie and the other being Vanilla Creme. The powder mixes pretty well with water for both flavors, and the taste is pretty much on the same level, with a slight advantage to Vanilla Cream, but that’s probably just because i’d take vanilla over chocolate no matter the situation 🙂  




Originally launched at – Brace yourself….$69.99 for 16 servings (OUCH!).  But, we did see it for as low as $39.99 per 5LB. Now, that is not a cheap price for powder based MRP. We suggest you do some research before trying this one out. For example we reviewed the RedCon1 MRE Whole Food Meal Replacement product with an amazing panel of ingredients (ALL WHOLE FOODS, no whey, no sugar) which retails for $79.99 for 25 servings ($3 per serving – list price). Lean Gainz price per serving lands on average at about the same – but it is not a whole food product like the MRE.




Well, the Lean Gainz is brings in a solid profile and if you ignore the price (which here at Fitness Deal News, we would never suggest that) is a premium meal replacement solution. Probably better than a lot out there.  If you see it on Fitness Deal News on a deal that drops the price towards the $30 per 5LB (sub $2 per serving) then you should give it a shot. 

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