Best 10 Men’s Multivitamins for 2020

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Multivitamins are a strange supplement, as they are probably one of the few supplements that are taken more by the general public then they are by serious lifters. While a gym rat will buy whey protein, creatine, pre-workouts, post-workouts, intra-workouts, and a thousand other variations, the humble multivitamin is largely ignored. But this is a shame, because serious lifters are as likely (if not more) to be deficient than the general public.


Take Magnesium for example, many athletes are deficient in it, while the general public are not – because Magnesium is used up during exercise and recovery. Another issue is the greater need for recovery from exercise, and the increased mass that athletes and particularly bodybuilders gain. If you eat the same amount of vegetables when you are 100kg as you did when you were 60kg you are now getting less vitamins and minerals per kg of bodyweight.


In this article, we will be looking at ten of the best multivitamins aimed at men that 2020 has to offer. We’ll take a brief look at the company, then the ingredients list (though due to the fact that each pack will contain 30+ ingredients this will be very brief), and then evaluate the product as a whole.


Our Best 10 Men’s Multivitamins for 2020 List




1. Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition


Is there anyone who doesn’t like and trust Optimum Nutrition? They seem to be consistently thought of as the safest choice around. The company has an amazing reputation, which extends to every product that they sell. Opti-Men is another excellent supplement. Containing 40 active ingredients, including Zinc and Vitamin B5 (to help with sleep, and improved cognitive function) Opti-Men can help support your metabolism, immune function, and can help reduce fatigue.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men


2. Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition

Animal Pak

For many people in the bodybuilding world, Animal Pak is the original multivitamin. Recognizable for its eye-catching packaging, and for its small packs of pills (1 pack in off-season, 2 packs during pre-contest). Due to the ridiculously large ingredients list (containing around 60 different ingredients), we’ll just look at the complexes. For a more detailed look check out our Animal Pak Review .

We have the regular Vitamin and mineral complex, the amino acid complex, performance support complex, optimiser complex, and enzyme complex. This pack contains everything that you need, and there’s even a powder form available for those of you who don’t like taking pills.

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3. Vita Freak Pack by PharmaFreak

Vita Freak Pack

PharmaFreak was founded in 2008 by Don Gauvreau and Alex Savva, their range of supplements is incredible and both men have built a solid reputation as researchers and supplement experts. Vita Freak is their multivitamin product and it’s pretty special.

It boasts a complete spectrum of vitamins, particularly Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. It also has an amino acid complex, and an anti-oxidant, immune, digestion formula. With the immune support containing Ginseng, and the digestive support containing Ginger and Echinacea. Vita Freak not only encompasses your vitamin and mineral needs, but is also designed to help you in many other ways. A truly effective product. Each pack contains 30 servings.

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4. Vita Jym by Jym Supplement Science

Vita Jym

If you’ve seen any of our other top ten reviews then you’ll have seen how many of them contain at least one Jym product. That’s because Jim Stoppani knows how to make great supplements! His multivitamin supplement (Vita Jym) is no exception. Jim has concentrated on only using vitamins and minerals that he feels are necessary (removing all fillers). He concentrates on improving absorption which means that more of the ingredient that you are taking will actually be used by your body – rather than leading to expensive urine.



5. Armor-V by MusclePharm


Marketed by MusclePharm as a supplement for serious athletes, Armor-V is definitely intense! Containing ingredients that will support your immune system, work as anti-oxidants, boost your vitamin and mineral intake (obviously) and it also contains Essential Fatty Acids which can help improve your cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems. The supplement contains 26 fruits and vegetables.



6. Men’s Multi Test by GAT

Men’s Multi Test

German American Technologies have got a really interesting multivitamin for you, their Men’s Multi Test not only offers complete vitamin and minerals but also offers Testosterone support. Think of this as more of a supplement to prevent testosterone loss, rather than one that will boost testosterone (a subtle distinction).

The ingredient list is huge, but there is a lot of good in here. It also contains some Green Tea Extract, that may help boost your metabolism and burn some fat – but is probably there for its many other benefits. Taking this alongside another GAT product (Muscle Martini) which contains Amino Acids will really help to improve your recovery and lower fatigue.


7. Orange Triad by Controlled Labs

Orange Triad

While many of the supplements on this list try to achieve everything, it is quite refreshing to see the occasional multivitamin that is just that. A multivitamin. High levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, and B2, and a massive amount of Vitamin B12 will really suit the serious athlete. There is also enough zinc and magnesium to offer you improved sleep quality and duration – something that will really help with recovery and testosterone support.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Controlled Labs Orange Triad


8.Platinum Multivitamin by MuscleTech 

Platinum Multivitamin

A really good all round supplement this, Platinum Multivitamin contains 20 vitamins and minerals, 865mg of Amino Acids, and it also works as an anti-oxidant. There is also a herbal complex that contains Green Tea Extract, Saw palmetto, Ginseng, Echinacea, and many more, which is a nice addition.

COMPARE PRICES FOR MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin


9. Men’s Multi by Infinite Labs


Infinite Labs have a really decent Men’s multivitamin to offer, one that promises to improve overall health, sporting performance, and to increase energy. It contains an amino blend (Arginine, Glutamine, Leucine, etc), and a performance blend that contains Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract, and many more. The vitamins and minerals are all highly dosed, and aimed specifically at men.


10. TruMulti Men’s Formula by PEScience

TruMulti Men’s

Our final multivitamin comes courtesy of PEScience, it is a really good vitamin and mineral source which also contains ingredients such as Ashwagandha root extract, which can help increase libido in men, and may help reduce cortisol (which attacks testosterone). The usual zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 creates ZMA which will also help improve your sleep quality. A great overall product.




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