Best 10 Estrogen Blockers & Anti-Estrogen Supplements for 2019

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Estrogen is a sex hormone found in large quantities in women and to a lesser extent in men, everyone needs Estrogen in their body to carry out many important functions. But men can suffer from too much Estrogen, which can lead to fat gain and the lowering of testosterone. Estrogen blockers don’t remove Estrogen but instead inhibit aromatase. This is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

A lot of the testosterone boosters that people buy are actually Estrogen blockers. Inihibiting aromatase prevents testosterone from being turned into Estrogen meaning that you have a higher concentration of testosterone in your system.

Estrogen Blockers and Bodybuilding

Estrogen blockers are particularly important for any guy who is taking steroids, but not only. Specifically for ‘enhanced’ athletes, it is because the more testosterone that they add to their body, the more aromatase their body will produce meaning that their body will start turning excess testosterone into estrogen.

If you think about it this makes sense for the body to do, it is always striving for homeostasis and turning excess testosterone into Estrogen will balance you out. Obviously, if you are taking excess testosterone (steroids) then the last thing you want is a balance, you want all of the benefits that high testosterone levels offer.

Increased muscle size, lower body fat, increased strength and muscle size, improved cognition, and many others. The main issue with the increased Estrogen that bodybuilders can suffer from is gynecomastia which is where men begin developing increased breast tissue, this can be a nightmare as all chest definition can begin to fade.

So now we know that lowering Estrogen levels is good for men because it increases testosterone and prevents abdominal fat gain let’s take a look at some of the best supplements out at the moment.

1.Eradicate by Blackstone Labs

Eradicate by Blackstone Labs

Eradicate by Blackstone Labs gives the impression of dealing with increased Estrogen with a sledgehammer. The product is called “eradicate” and that is just what they offer, to remove any excess Estrogen by inhibiting aromatase. The key ingredient is called Arimistane which works by binding to aromatase and preventing it from doing its job.

There have been a lot of positive reviews on Eradicate by Blackstone labs, mostly from bodybuilders who were beginning to show signs of Gyno but found that the symptoms disappeared after taking it. Other benefits included increased virility, loss of abdominal fat, and higher testosterone levels.

2.Nolvadren XT by Man Sports

Nolvadren XT by Man Sports

While “Eradicate” contains 25mg of Arimistane per serving, Nolvadren contains three times that amount (75mg) which makes it a lot more extreme. Having more Arimistane doesn’t necessarily make it more effective, if eradicate is already working for you then adding another 50mg of it may be overkill. But if you feel that you need a more powerful estrogen blocker then Nolvadren is your answer.

Other benefits to taking Nolvadren are the effects it has on cortisol and the reduction of water weight. This is due to two ingredients that make up the “Cort-Control Matrix”. If you have been taking steroids your cortisol levels will be much higher than a non-steroid user and not get control over it will lead to increased body fat and muscle loss.


3.LG Sciences Form-XT

LG Sciences Form-XT

Form-XT contains the lowest amount of Arimistane of the three products reviewed so far, but also contains Resveratol and Epicatechin. The idea is that the three products combine to help lower estrogen and boost testosterone. Unlike many estrogen blockers, Form-XT is designed to be taken before your On-Cycle is finished, you are supposed to overlap the two by around 2 weeks.

4.DIM by Olympian Labs

DIM by Olympian Labs

DIM stands for Diindolylmethane which comes from cruciferous vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli etc). The idea is that DIM helps to metabolise estrogen, leading to more balance and a boost to testosterone. DIM by Olympian Labs feels like a more natural solution and is the first product on this list to avoid the use of Arimistane. DIM is also quite a lot cheaper than the others, it probably won’t be as effective but will still do a great job at lowering estrogen.

5.S.A.N. Estrodex

S.A.N. Estrodex

Estrodex also uses Diindolylmethan (DIM) to lower estrogen but also contains Resveratol and Stinging Nettle extract. This will work well with a standard testosterone booster product but if you’re taking steroids you might want to choose a more powerful anti-estrogen product such as Eradicate or Nolvadren.

6.Myokem Alphadex

Alphadex is a great anti-estrogen product that will really help dry you out and prevent signs of Gyno from occurring. The main ingredient is Acacetin that has anti-aromatase and anti-estrogen properties, this is similar to the effects of Arimistane and should give similar results. Alphadex also contains 250mg of Brassaiopsis Glomerulata which is also known for its anti-aromatase effects.

7.Erase Pro+

Erase Pro+

Erase Pro+ contains an ingredient known as DHAA that is very effective at lowering estrogen by blocking aromatase. DHAA can also help to lower body fat by boosting adiponectin. You should find a testosterone increase, fat loss, and strength gains as a result of taking Erase Pro+. By lowering body fat, you could find that your testosterone levels naturally increase anyway! Erase Pro should also help to limit Cortisol which will also help with fat loss.


8.Conquest 250 S.A.N.

Conquest 250 by S.A.N.

Conquest is an effective product for fat loss and muscle gain. It only has one ingredient which is Ursolic Acid which has quite a bit of science backing it up. It also works as a mild aromatase inhibitor. If you are looking for a product that can increase strength and lower body fat, whilst also having a small impact on estrogen then Conquest 250 is perfect for you. If you are looking for an out-and-out aromatase-inhibitor then you would be better suited to some of the other products on this list.

9.Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake

Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake

E-Brake by Magnum Nutraceuticals uses the shotgun approach to estrogen fighting, use a mixture of as many ingredients as possible on the off chance that enough of them will work. Luckily they’ve included Acacetin and Brassaiopsis Glomerulata (same as Alphadex) as well as stinging nettle extract, all of which have been shown to inhibit aromatase and lower estrogen.

10.Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenex 2nd Generation

Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenex 2nd Generation

This product has a lot of interesting ingredients that have an effect on estrogen. Epiandrosterone is a prohormone that can boost testosterone and lower body fat, Chrysin is a flavonoid that may raise testosterone levels, and indole-3-carbinol is great for balancing hormonal levels by altering estrogen levels. Finally, there is Eurycoma Longifolia which may benefit testosterone levels, but this is still up for debate. Overall Estrogenex 2nd Generation looks to be an excellent product for boosting testosterone and lowering estrogen.

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