ASC Sicario Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2021

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Sicario Pre Workout Review

Sicario Pre Workout from ASC Supplements is a stim-free pre workout that is meant to deliver on hardcore pumps without the typical side effects. ASC Sicario is from the same company that made the awesome El Jefe Pre Workout which is also worth checking out.

In this Sicario Pre Workout Review we will be going over everything you need to know. From the experience to the flavor, we got you covered. Without further ado, let’s find out if this pump pre workout is the real deal!

Sicario Pre Workout

Where to Buy ASC Sicario Pre Workout

ASC Supplements offers Sicario for 25% Off at their official site!

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Sicario Pre Workout Review on YouTube

Pump & Focus GALORE 😵 ASC Supplements SICARIO Review

My Experience Sicario Pump Pre Workout

As far as the flavor is concerned, I tried Crystal Blue Razz. The taste is okay, it’s not amazing. There is some after taste to it but the original one – that of El Jefe – was actually worse than this.

As for the experience, I will share how I used it in two different scenarios.

Scenario number one: By itself. So here is the thing about using it by itself, the pumps are on point and the label does not lie. I can tell you that on both one-and-a-half scoops and two scoops, the pumps for me were exactly the same and I actually tried it at least three times in each version.

I really really liked the focus. However, when it comes to focus ingredients, they work best when you have stimulants. I still felt focus without stimulants which shows that ingredients here do have an effect. This, however, is less than what I experienced with stimulants.

If you are buying Sicario Pre Workout and get beta-alanine with it, you are going to get a great stim-free pre-workout.

Scenario number two: Using Sicario with El Jefe Pre-Workout. This obviously is a pretty expensive package when you combine it with El Jefe.

However, if you can afford it, you will love the combination as Sicario makes El Jefe an amazing focus pre-workout. El Jefe is good for motivation and mood elevation and Sicario can add the focus to it.

Although one thing is for sure. No matter how you use it, Sicario is an amazing pump pre workout that you can use to cycle off stims.


  • Awesome Pumps
  • Nice Focus
  • Decent Flavors
  • Solid Price w/ Discount


  • May need to add other supplements
COMPARE PRICES FOR ASC Supplements Coupon 25% OFF!!

What is in ASC Supplements Sicario?

I have not seen a better label than the one on ASC Supplements Sicario. There are two categories in the label. We have pump and cell volumizer matrix which is basically a combination of pump vascularity, NO production, cell volumizing, and some power output ingredients.

The ingredients are listed as one scoop and two scoops – one scoop is 20 servings while two scoops are 40 servings. I am going to talk about two scoops and then tell you how I actually use it.

Sicario Pre Workout Ingredients

Ingredient Breakdown

With two scoops, you get Citrulline at 4 g which is a lot of Citrulline since 3 g is the clinical dose. You get Betaine Anhydrous at 2.5 g which is great. GlycerPump is at 2 g which is a cell volumizer and the best swole ingredient out there.

Then you have Agmatine Sulfate at 1.5 g. 1g is where I would have liked seeing Agmatine Sulfate while 1.5 g i not ideal. The Pomegranate extract is at the higher end – 800 mg – that’s going to help with no production.

Next you have VASO6 which a lot of people love as it really helps with vascularity and no production. Pink Bark Extract is also included at 200 mg.

There are a lot of pump ingredients in the Sicario stim-free pre-workout and most of them are overdosed or above clinical dose. More on that later.

Furthermore you have the hitman focus matrix and this is where it becomes more than just a pump formula and goes into the stim-free region. For the focus matrix, you have L-Tyrosine at 2 g which is again overdosed, as 1.5 g of Tyrosine is usually the top-end.

You have Alpha GPC at 600mg which is an ideal dose. Most of the pre-workouts out there that contain Alpha GPC have it at 300 mg. Then you have Lions Mane Mushroom at 600 mg. If you use Lions Mane and if it’s in the right content, you are going to feel the focus.

Huperzine A is also included at 200 mcg which is, again, a super-high dose. Usually, you will see 100 mcg in most pre-workouts.

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Sicario Pre-Workout is a great formula that delivers what you would expect from it.

You can take it alone with beta-alanine or combine it with El Jefe pre-workout. I would recommend you combine it with beta-alanine as it will give you great results without putting a dent in your wallet.

All in all, this is definitely worth trying if you are looking for your next stim-free pre workout!

COMPARE PRICES FOR ASC Supplements Coupon 25% OFF!!

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