Arez Titanium Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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Arez Titanium Pre Workout Review

Arez Pre Workout is a pre workout supplement from MHN that has made its much anticipated return. After being gone for over a year, the new formula has garnered a lot of attention.

Without further ado, let’s find out if Arez Titanium is just as good as the original!

Arez Pre Workout

Where to Buy MHN Arez Titanium

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Arez Pre Workout Review on YouTube

The LEGEND is Back! 🤯AREZ Titanium Pre Workout Review [MHN]

My Experience with Arez Pre Workout

I tried all three flavors of Arez Titanium. Slime was my favorite, but they were all really nice in terms of hardcore pre workouts.

In terms of the actual experience, I felt the pre workout hit after 2 mins. A buzz came on me that lasted for about an hour and a half. I truly do not remember a pre workout that hit faster.

Then the energy starts to escalate 15 mins into the workout. Really hard-hitting but nothing that is crazy overwhelming.

Arez Titanium gave me really good tunnel vision focus. I was simply locked in. Something that specifically reminded me of the original Arez White and Arez Titanium.

A surprising mood elevation comes into effect 25-30 minutes in. It makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Pushing you to the limits.

The one thing I will say is kind of lacking in Arez Pre Workout is the pumps. The pumps you get is mainly from the motivation and drive to be better.

All in all, Arez Titanium has once again proven to be an amazing pre workout that will hit right every time. You do not want to miss again this time!


  • Hits Fast and Hard
  • Super Strong Energy
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Great Flavors


  • Pumps are OK (Mainly come from the motivation)
COMPARE PRICES FOR AREZ Titanium Pre Workout 20% OFF – Limited Inventory

What is in Arez Titanium Pre Workout?

As far as I can remember, MHN has kept the original formula for Arez Titanium. Now, do not let this label confuse you. This supplement panel is going to look very under-dosed, but as we always say, LABELS ARE JUST LABELS!

Arez Pre Workout Ingredient Label

Ingredient Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous – 350 mg

First on the list we have 350 mg of Caffeine which is not the highest dose for a pre workout, but definitely do the job. This is the main stimulant for energy in Arez Titanium.

Beta PEA – 200 mg

Next, Beta PEA is known to improve athletic performance. In addition to somewhat helping out in the focus matrix.

Eria Jarensis – 75 mg

Eria Jarensis Extract is going to provide the mood elevation and motivation during the workout. 75 mg is a deceiving dosage but hits extremely nice.

Synephrine HCL – 30 mg

This here is one of the focus ingredients in Arez Pre Workout. One of the few “normally-dosed” ingredients on label.

Alpha Yohimbine – 2.5 mg

Then we have Alpha Yohimbine which generally increases the intensity of the pre workout. This will cause a bit of dry mouth but drinking some water will solve the problem.

Beta Alanine – 3.2 g

3.2 grams of Beta Alanine is going to provide the buzzing that I mentioned in the experience section. This buzz lasts for hours on hours which is great if you want to do work post-exercise.

L-Citrulline – 3 g

Lastly, L-Citrulline at 3 grams is going to give you decent pumps. Again, nothing that will have you as swole as ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in Arez Pre Workout?

Two scoops of Arez Titanium will get you to 350 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous which is a sizeable dose for a stim junkie pre workout.

Did they change the formula for Arez Titanium?

MHN maintained the original formula from Ntel Pharma so you can expect very similar results.

Why did the company change for Arez Pre Workout?

A couple of years ago, Ntel Pharma abruptly decided to stop selling Arez Titanium. Presently, MHN USA have bought the license for this pre workout and formula.

COMPARE PRICES FOR AREZ Titanium Pre Workout 20% OFF – Limited Inventory

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