Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Review

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Omega Sanktion, the first pre workout from the young company Alpha Phlyte, has one of those labels I instantly liked. You can immediately see they made this pre workout for us stim-junkies and they know what we like.

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Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Youtube Review:

Tunnel Vision Pre-Workout | Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Review



Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Label

This is not one of those labels that has a million ingredients or so many stims you start feeling jittery just from looking at it. It is quite a simple label, but as you will read later on – an effective one. So let’s dive into our Omgea Sanktion Pre-workout Review.


Very simple, maybe a bit too simple pump package. With only Citrulline Malate at 5000mg you can easily see Alpha Phlyte Nutrition OMEGA SANKTION is not about the pumps, but rather the stimulants and focus package which we will get to right away.


Beta Alanine at 3200mg which is exactly where you want to see Beta Alanine for tingling and muscle endurance, and for me the tingling is an integral part of the experience.


Let’s start with the interesting part – the stims. We have Caffeine at 3500mg which I think is the sweet spot for getting the good energy boost, the good stim experience, but without getting you too stimulated you can’t go to sleep. On top of that, 2-Amino (DMHA) at 150mg and Eria Jarensis at 150mg. Now, if you read or seen my reviews before, you know this combination of caffeine, DMHA and Eria Jarensis appeared in some of the top rated pre workout supplements out there. It is truly the staple of a stim-junkie pre workout.

To also get you that tunnel-vision focus and mood elevation the guys at Alpha Phlyte came in with 5mg of Yohimbe, 30mg of Synephrine, 1000mg of Choline and to wrap it all together – 20mg of Noopept. Yohimbe, which is milder than Alphe Yo, will still definitely get you that burn stimulation and sense of urgency. With the combined of Synephrine it is really going to get you to sweat (which I will mention later in my experience).

As far as focus, 1g of Choline is a lot of Choline, but the star for me here is the Noopept. I love Noopept and I think that with the right combination of DHMA, Eria, Caffeine and other ingredients, it provides the BEST focus out there.

So, as you can see by the label, this OMEGA SANKTION Review is not of a hardcore stim-junkie pre workout that will get you stimmed for hours on end and not let you sleep.

Rather than that, the focus and mood elevation package here is the real deal.



In terms of taste, I tasted the mango flavor which I haven’t seen in a lot of pre workouts, but it actually works. It tastes OK and that is, as you know, good enough for me.

Let’s get down to business – the experience. I used it for over a week and I couldn’t lay it off. I really liked this product and I think it is a perfect pre workout for those of you who are looking mainly for awesome focus and being in the zone. This really took everything off my mind and made me in a super focused, tunnel-vision in the zone kind of mood. In this case, the label doesn’t lie.

As far as the energy experience, the energy hits you fast and you get an instant sense of urgency, and what I like the most is that it’s productive energy. It doesn’t get you all jittery and raged, but rather just super energized and feeling in the zone. The interesting part is that about 20 minutes into it you get a second kick of energy which I really liked. In terms of of mood elevation, it’s not one of those happy pre workouts but more on the focus side. The only side effect I felt is getting really thirsty, as I mentioned earlier with the sweat part.

The last  thing I want to mention is that, unlike other pre workouts that last for hours and go with you along the day (which is great if you want it to), this one actually fades away 2.5 into it without any hard crashing. During those 2.5 hours you will feel amazing, and for me it was one of the best experiences I had with a pre workout, and it is also perfect for afternoon or evening workouts.



This is one of the only pre workout I see these days that has 30 servings, so in terms of value for money it is definitely a winner. At $39.99 for 30 servings, and with that great experience – you can’t go wrong. Before going ahead and purchasing one make sure to check out our pre workout deals & coupons to find the best prices out there.

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To sum it up – if focus is your focus, this Omgea Sanktion Pre-workout is the one for you. It is a GREAT in the zone experience and I highly recommend it.

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