Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams Review

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Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams

As some of you already know, I really like what Alphe Lion are doing. The packagings, the website and entire branding, the formulas and attention they put into them, these guys are doing it well. Less than 2 years in the market and Alpha Lion are really bringing it on. As you can read in my previous Alpha Lion Pre Workout Review, I truly like this company’s products. Alpha Dreams was their first product and is supposed to be a complete night time formula, with a few extras that make it quite interesting.



Alpha Dreams Youtube Review:

Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams Review 🦁 Is It Worth It? [Sleep & Recovery]


The Label

Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams Label

Amino Growth Matrix

L-Leucine at 2500mg which is there to help with muscle protein synthesis with a solid quantity. Lysine at 2500mg, which has been shown to help with a couple of things like herpes, but I am not completely sure why it’s there. L-Glutamine is known to help with recovery. At only 2500mg it could seem bit underdosed, but you do have 6g of essential amino acids to go along with it.

Brains Gains Matrix

You have L-Tyrosine at 500mg, GABA at 350mg, 5-HTP at 200mg and L-Dopa at 175mg. I love this combination. It is very similar to a nootropic formula, and it is a very solid combination for getting focused, having a good mood and chilling down. Also respectable dosage for a night time formula.

ZMA Recovery Matrix

I reviewed some independent ZMAs on the channel, and in this there is pretty much the same formula as the independent ZMA supplements. ZMA is supposed to help with sleep and recovery. I generally like what it does, although I can’t really quantify it, I do feel more recovered after taking ZMA.

Anti-Stress Matrix

Ashwagandha Powder has become a very popular ingredient for test boosting and recovery, along with Ascorbic acid and L-Theanine which should help you relax and lower the stress levels.

Electro Fuel Matrix

This is where it gets interesting for a night time formula, Sodium Chloride and Potassium Citrate that are actually electrolytes that help with hydration. This basically keeps you hydrated during the night, but not too hydrated to make you wake up to go to the bathroom during you sleep.

Tranquility Matrix

A few more ingredients that are there to help you with RPM and getting a better sleep. Chamomile powder for relaxation and Melatonin at 4mg, which is a respectable dose.


The Label Bottom Line

I feel that this is like a combination of 5 products in 1 good product. From Recovery, Amino, Test boosting, Anti-Stress, ZMA supplement, sleep aid, all in all really well dosed.


Flavor and Effectiveness

I tasted Tropical Terminator Fruit Punch, which sounded bad at first, but I actually really liked it. If you don’t like coconut, you should probably skip this one. I mixed this with 8 oz of water, and the flavor is really good.

In terms of the sleep. With these products I expect going to sleep faster, deeper, and wake up more recovered. And it works. I noticed a real difference between going to sleep with or without this. I wake up in the mornings faster, more recovered and feeling good. As far as getting to sleep goes, I took it 30 minutes before bed, and it didn’t knock me down but rather made me slowly doze off. You feel chilled, and ready to sleep. As far as boosting and aesthetic build, it’s hard for me to tell. According to the website and the ingredients this is supposed to help with burning fat, but it’s hard to measure and so I cannot really say.

This is as loaded as a formula as you’re going to get in a sleep and recovery, and it works really well in that term.


Alpha Dreams Price & Deals

This is not a cheap product. It retails on the site for $57. There are probably a few coupons for it that take it down to sub-$50, so it works out to be about $1.5 per night. If you’re a good sleeper, it’ll be hard to justify buying it. But, if you can afford it and care about your sleep and recovery, I highly recommend it. For other (and cheaper) products like this one, check out Best 10 Sleep & Recovery Supplements.

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Alpha Dreams Final Verdict

I enjoyed my time with Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams. I highly recommend it for those of you who have some troubles with sleeping or are just looking to get a better sleep and wake up more recovered, feel good and chill down. This product is really well dosed, has a well rounded formula that is truly combining a few different products in one, and does the job very well.

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