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blog-icon By FDN Posted on January 26, 2014

We started because let’s admit it; it’s not cheap to live healthy and be fit! We are a couple (yes, married!) – a gym fanatic and a cross fitter wife that try to live and eat healthy. Fitness is a part of our life. So we know how you feel; and we are here to help you get fit on a budget.

We decided to start the site when we realized there is no real answer for fitness fanatics and just everyday people who like to get fit and live healthy, if they wanted to find a cheap way to do it. All they could do is go on normal deal website and search through it for a deal that relates to their fitness or bodybuilding needs.

That’s why we believe our website is the perfect place for fitness fanatics, bodybuilders, or just people who want to get healthy without paying loads of money. Get Strong, get lean, get the deal.

Finding the best deals for fitness related products is not easy. But its important! So we shuffle through hundreds of website promotions, mailers, clearance items and internet to pick only the select real deals on everything you need to work harder, recover faster and look better. On our website you can find gym apparel, sports equipment, bodybuilding supplements, bodybuilding coupons and much more, with the best offers on the web. All you need in one place!

If you have any questions of comments please use our contact us page, we consider every fitness friend. well a FRIEND 🙂 ..!


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We are fitness fanatics just like you, and we know it's not cheap to be fit! That's why our experts sort through hundreds of fitness related deals daily to bring you the select real deals on supplements, apparel and gym accessories.

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