5 Best Pre Workout Supplements on Amazon

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Best Pre-Workouts to Buy on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer on the planet, and as such they have access to more pre-workouts than just about anyone. But sometimes having a lot of choices can actually make it harder to find the right pre-workout for you. In this article, we will review five of the best pre-workout supplements on Amazon.

We’ve picked five of the best pre-workouts on Amazon so as not to overwhelm you with choices, we will take a brief look at each one outlining why exactly we like it, and what benefits it provides. Remember a good pre-workout should be looking to provide a decent muscle pump, a reduction in fatigue, mental clarity, and a boost to your mood.

1. KAGED MUSCLE Pre Workout

Pre-Kaged Pre Workout Logo

Kris Gethin is one of the biggest personalities in the fitness world, and his supplements are always well-thought out and effective. Kaged Muscle is no exception. There are a LOT of ingredients in this pre-workout, and it aims to provide a large range of benefits. The first thing that we note is the muscle pump section. It’s almost entirely made up of L-Citrulline, which is fine for those of you who respond well to it, but we’d like to see some other muscle pump boosting ingredients such as agmatine etc …

There is a decent serving of BCAAs, but what we really like about Kaged Muscle is the Hydrate & Defend section. This is quite a rare thing for a pre-workout, most don’t bother. The addition of coconut water is very clever though, and while we’re not going to go into detail on the SPECTRA blend (there’s like 50 ingredients) it is very intriguing.

The caffeine dosage is quite low at 274mg, and a lot of stim-junkies will be put off by this. But the L-Tyrosine and Taurine make this a great supplement for cognition and mood. You’ll definitely get a burst of euphoria the first few times you take it, and you’ll be properly hydrated and full of energy throughout your workout.

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COMPARE PRICES FOR Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged
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2. Pre JYM Workout Powder


Like Kris Gethin, Jim Stoppani has made a big name for himself on, he has also brought out a science-based supplement line that has been surprisingly good. This pre-workout is seriously good and is one of the amazon pre-workout best sellers due to its clever ingredients list. The caffeine content is marginally higher than the Kaged Muscle pre-workout, with 300mg per serving.

There is also 2g of creatine, 2g of beta-alanine, 1g of taurine, and 500mg of beetroot extract. We love this ingredient as a lot of research is coming out talking about all of the benefits to performance. In a decade, we expect beetroot extract to be present in most pre-workouts.

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3. C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout Powder

C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Logo

C4 is another excellent choice if you’re comparing amazon pre-workout supplements, it is very similar to Pre JYM workout powder in that it uses 300mg of caffeine, creatine, and beetroot extract (betaine). Due to the arginine, betaine, beta-alanine, and citrulline you can expect an insane pump from this pre-workout, and you should see cognitive benefits too as the Ultimate Energy & Focus Blend looks really good. This is a really exciting pre-workout, that absolutely gets the job done!

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4. Finaflex Stimul8 Pre-Workout Powder

On the one hand, this is possibly one of the best pre-workout supplements to buy on amazon. On the other hand, it is seriously frustrating. The reason we find it so frustrating is it hides its entire ingredients dosage within a proprietary blend! Meaning that we have no idea how much of any ingredient is contained within each serving.

Nightmare! However, we did manage to chase the company up and we found that there is 300mg of caffeine per serving. They refused to give us any more information though. The pre-workout gives crazy stimulation though, and has a lot of useful ingredients. Beta-alanine, green tea extract, phenylalanine, and theacrine are all good for physical and mental stimulation.

Great supplement but sort out that proprietary blend guys! It’s 2020

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5. GAT Sport Nitraflex

GAT Sport, NITRAFLEX Testosterone Boosting Powder

As with Finaflex, GAT Sport have hidden behind a proprietary blend to disguise their ingredients. So annoying! But this may be one of the best strong pre-workouts around. Some seriously great ingredients here, with caffeine, beta-alanine, DMAE, citrulline, l-arginine, and theanine all present. Nitraflex is split into two main blends. One is concerned with creating an amazing pump (thanks to the beta-alanine, citrulline, and l-arginine). While the other is all about that muscular endurance and the reduction of fatigue. This is a great combination, and the pre-workout really delivers in the gym.

It is a shame that they are still using a proprietary blend, such a ridiculous move on their part. Why hide anything? But you can’t ignore how good the results are when taking Nitraflex. It is a truly superb pre-workout and well worth your investment.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at five of the best pre-workout supplements on amazon in this article. They are all stimulatory, they all concentrate on delivering powerful muscle pumps, and they will all help you to train harder, and at a higher intensity, for longer. There’s not much more you need from a pre-workout.

Yes, it is a shame that some of the supplement companies on this list are still not operating with full transparency. But, we’re only here to talk about what supplements have worked for us, and both Finaflex and Nitraflex have delivered time and time again during workouts.

If you’re all about transparency, then C4 Ultimate, Pre JYM or Kaged Muscle could well be the pre-workouts for you. They all properly dose each ingredient, and their labels are an open book. All you need to do now is pick the right one for you and train like crazy!

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